10 causes of aging

Stress. Stress has a serious negative effect on the entire body, even to a decrease in immunity. Stress leads to illness, and illness leads to aging.
Alcohol. Alcohol leads to a fairly rapid deterioration of the body. In our time it is one of the negative destructive factors. If you drink alcohol, your body begins to age twice as fast.
Passivity. In order to live, the body needs to move. People who move a little in life, grow old faster than more active people. Everyone knows that movement is life.
Improper diet, eating fatty foods. Food that contains many calories, fats, carcinogens and other harmful substances, increases the body's cholesterol, which causes heart disease and skin aging.
Smoking. According to statistics, a smoker’s life is on average 14 years shorter than a non-smoker.
Ecology. Polluted air and atmosphere, bad water, all this also affects aging.
Ultraviolet radiation.In summer, aging on the skin is affected by a long stay in the sun.
Lack of sleep. Sleep is vital to recuperate, lack of sleep can lead to serious problems.
Overweight. Excessive weight causes the body to work in harsh conditions, thereby approaching aging.
Excessive consumption of sweets. This is especially true of those who eat large amounts of granulated sugar. The use of sugar negatively affects both health and excess weight.

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