10 facts about bedding that all hostesses should know

Care for bed linen and life hacking for its convenient operation is a topic of concern to any hostess. Even if you are a pros in the household, you can always learn something new. We will help you become a real guru in making your bed!

Less yes better

Having conceived washing in a typewriter, do not hammer the drum to the string. In order for washing to be as careful and efficient as possible, the washing machine must be only half full.

Choose satin

Satin - a variety of cotton with special weaving - is considered the most comfortable and healthy material. On such clothes, we sweat less, and the fabric itself almost does not accumulate dirt.

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White wash with white, green with green, or even better - wash together all the items of one set. They are sewn from the same material, which means that they do not fade, and they need the same mode.And bedding should be washed separately from other things. It is especially harmful to mix natural fabrics with synthetics. For example, cotton underwear can be washed at a temperature of 40 - 60 degrees, and if there is synthetic in the set, do not set the temperature above 30 - 40 degrees. The same rules apply to silk, bamboo and tencel - they do not like too much heat.

"Tight" pillow case

Is your pillow too thin and completely uncomfortable? In a tight pillowcase, it will feel more voluminous, which means it will become much more pleasant to sleep.

Arm yourself with a needle and thread!

Do you sleep badly at night, because the nasty blanket now and then strives to go astray and slips out of the duvet cover? Fasten it from the inside. Sew large buttons to the blanket, and loops in the corners of the duvet cover.

Wash inside out

If you turn the laundry inside out while washing, keep the pattern bright even after numerous washes.

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How to hang to iron less

To facilitate ironing, remove the laundry from the machine immediately after washing and hang it straight. Be sure to shake and straighten the laundry properly.Let there be no creases, excesses and folds on it. If you do everything right, duvet covers and sheets will look good without ironing. You nevertheless decided to stroke, and the laundry is dry and completely ironed, soak it out of the spray bottle and leave for a couple of hours.

Iron or warm up?

Do you know that the laundry can be ironed, or can it be warmed up? If you have a set of cotton, flax, silk and especially polyester, iron, smoothly sliding along the fabric in one way or the other. Are you the owner of a set of wool? We'll have to warm up. Alternately raise and lower the iron, lightly touching the fabric.

Use a pillow case

The pillowcase is ideal for storing bed linen - it is compact and hygienic.

Remember the air conditioner

The conditioner will give your linen a fresh smell and make the fabric softer, which means that your rest on a freshly washed set will be even more pleasant.

Be careful, silk!

Before ironing silk bedding, turn it inside out and put a rag on it. Otherwise, you may find ugly glossy spots on a freshly washed set. If your set is decorated with embroidery, put it on a white terry towel with a pattern. An important point - silk underwear should be ironed a little wet.

To keep the sheets from slipping

Do not want to sleep on sliding sheets? Choose velcro, not pins, which are too often unbuttoned, interfere with sleep and spoil the fabric. And so silk underwear, they are contraindicated. The important point - sticky need strong and high pile.

Watch your face

Change pillowcases at least once a week, because so much dirt accumulates on them. The skin will thank you and will give you less inflammation and blackheads.

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