10 movies and TV series steeper "Magnificent Century"

Turkish series, a spiritual delicacy of girls who adore oriental flavor, still clings to weak hearts. And every secret, in my dreams I want to be in a luxurious palace, to become a participant in events filled with intrigue and unprecedented love passion.

However, this good, we note, enough in other films. And the “Magnificent Age” is, figuratively speaking, just a drop of hot lava on our audience souls. We can name a dozen TV shows and movies, where events unfold at least cool, forcing in one breath to watch a vivid sight that happens on the screen. And at the same time imperceptibly apply a handkerchief to the eyes, worrying about the fate of the heroine. Yes, and for the hero, too, you can throw a tear, because he is handsome and noble.

"My Oriental Nights"

Photo: a frame from the series
Photo: a frame from the series
Photo: a frame from the series

Romania, 2011

TV series:2 seasons

Producer- Yura Lunkashu

Starring- Radu Valkan, Madalina Dragichi, Adela Popescu, Razvan Fodor.

Amir is a prince of the United Arab Emirates, Ilinka is a simple Romanian girl.He is like a Hollywood macho descended from the cover of a glossy magazine. Moreover, naturally, Amir is fabulously rich, and the need quietly and fearfully goes around his magnificent palace. However, sadness reigns now in the prince’s chambers. Amir has lost his beloved wife and is very sad for her. It seems to him that everything around has lost its meaning and he will never find comfort for his heart. But fate, as if having pity on the prince, once brings him to Ilinka. A chance encounter with a Romanian beauty radically changes the life of Amir.

"Arab Adventures"

Photo: a frame from the series
Photo: a frame from the series
Photo: a frame from the series

Germany - Turkey - Jordan - USA, 2000

Mini-series, season 1

Producer- Steve Barron

Starring- Mili Avital, Alan Bates, James Frain, Cheka Karyo

Sultan was ready to wipe out all the girls of Baghdad, because in each of them he sees a potential insidious traitor. Of course, with this approach you can go too far. And even forget about government affairs, which he seems to have completely launched. And loyal and wise viziers all the time interpret to the brightest sultan only one thing: in order to keep the throne, he must choose a suitable spouse.And one of them with a deep breath sends him to the palace his daughter Scheherazade. This oriental beauty, at the risk of being executed by the Sultan-woman-hater, is sent to his chambers. Do not forget to say that Scheherazade had almost since childhood been in love with the ruler, with whom she ran a race near the huge palace.


Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

Turkey, 2010

Producer- Tarkan Ozel

Starring- Munir Akcha, Selda Alkor, Mansur Ark, Oiku Celik.

Her beauty captivated the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Ahmet I. As soon as she appeared in Istanbul, the young concubine Emine immediately won the heart of the Sultan. He will call her, to the envy of other women, Kesem Sultan - "beloved", and soon this beauty will become the real mistress of the palace. The time will come when she, after the death of her husband, will take over the reins of empire management. And here a fragile-looking woman will manifest a remarkable will to resist various intrigues and intrigues that always take place in the sultan's palace. In this struggle, her love for the Sultan, who will remain the first and only man in life, will always warm her.

"The Last Harem"

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

Italy - France - Turkey, 1999

Producer- Ferzan Ozpetek

Starring- Marie Gillen, Alex Deca, Lucia Bose, Valeria Golino

The harem of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II becomes for him another danger along with others. Here a conspiracy is ripening, which he is unable to prevent. The passionate love of the concubine Safiye and the black eunuch Nadir, which flared up, is another sign of the extinction of the once mighty state. Feelings so engulfed young people that they do not know the slightest fear of punishment and try, despite all the restrictions, to build their own happiness. And for the sake of their dreams, Safiye and Nadir are ready to sacrifice even their own lives.

"Harem. Innocence Lost "

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

United States, 1986

Producer- William Hale

Starring- Nancy Travis, Art Malik, Sarah Miles, Japhet Cotto, Omar Sharif

By the will of fate-villains Jessica, a secular beauty, falls as a prisoner in the harem of Sultan Hasan. At first, the Arabs who surround the noble aristocracy seem to her barbarians, whom only the English Tower with its gloomy walls can fix.Jessica is slowly shedding tears on her beloved Charles - a real gentleman compared to the Sultan. So, at least, it seemed to her. However, time heals all heart wounds. One day, Jessica will be amazed to find that the wild East, which scared the girl from an early age, is a special, fascinating world. And local men are even very cute and ready for any feat for you.

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