10 things from the past that are again relevant today

As you know, fashion is cyclical, and in the current spring-summer season of 2017, smart and economical fashionistas should pay attention to the trends of the wardrobe of the 70s-80s-90s, or even inspect my mother's wardrobe - it may very well be that there are real fashionable treasures!

Let's see, what are the things from the past ready for the second fashionable birth in 2017?

1. Loose jeans with high waist, Mom jeans

Jeans never go out of fashion, but still certain models can be relevant to varying degrees. Now, as in the eighties, mom jeans are again in a trend - free and comfortable, which, among other things, will easily cope with the task of hiding a few extra centimeters in the hips.

2. Light dress to the floor with bare shoulders

Feminine and flowing dresses, the chaste length of which easily balances the open top, again at the peak of popularity in the summer season.

3. Checked miniskirts

The cut can be the most diverse - pleating, classic trapezium or tight-fitting silhouette - this season you can afford any flirty mini in a fashionable checkered color.

4. Overalls

His Majesty Jumpsuit - Outfit is not for everyone. Only the bravest girls decide on this trendy, unusual looking outfit. This season, different models of overalls are relevant - from beach mini-options to business models and even evening models.

5. Knitted tunic

Light and translucent, looking very "handmade" tunic perfectly complement the image of a romantic and gentle beauty. And on vacation at the seashore such an outfit is one hundred percent must have of this season.

6. High Waisted Shorts

High shorts from the eighties that perfectly accentuate the waist and legs that lengthen, are relevant again, and not only in jeans, but also from other, very diverse fabrics.

7. Bright print blouses

Greetings from 70- bright and cheerful blouses and shirts with bright prints, patterns and ornaments will perfectly complement the summer wardrobe in the current season.

8. Knit with open back

Bold, but at the same time feminine and gentle, slightly touching knitted blouses with an open back are relevant again.

9. Tights

The nineties are little associated with anything so much as with leggings! The photo of those years now can not but cause a smile, however, this is not an excuse to give up leggings to the owners of slender legs - comfortable and stylish panties will be useful not only in the gym.

10. Bulky denim jacket

"Denim" - one of the symbols of the eighties. In the current season, women of fashion should once again turn their attention to the more voluminous and loose, shortened or classic length models of the famous jacket that will not only warm on the evening walk, but will also be able to emphasize the elegance and fragility of the figure.

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