10 things not to do if you have a dog

In the famous Soviet cartoon "Bobby visiting Barbosa" two four-legged buddies talked about a happy dog ​​life. The smaller brothers dreamed of a cozy sleeping place (not in the hallway on the rug) and the whole bowl of sausages, which you put in the refrigerator, and they lay there as much as you like. Owners can not always guess the desires of their silent friends. They sew exclusive clothes, make hairstyles and manicures, buy jewelry and expensive gifts, and the dog wants one thing: to run around the field without a leash or enjoy a fragrant kebab.

“All dogs are different in character,” says veterinarian Yury Nyukhin. - In the West, zoopsychologists, who provide psychological help to animals, are in great demand. Pets, like people, are subject to stress. It is often difficult to settle down in a new apartment. Animals can be sad, especially when the owner throws them for a long time.Also, each dog has its own dislikes and likes. This applies to both people and animals. Differently, shaggy friends react to many things around them. Village dogs love to chase cars, and city dogs always wag their tails at the sight of cars. Animals have their own habits and preferences. The owner should be well aware of the tastes of his ward, for whom he is responsible. There are common things that our brothers hate less. ”

10 things not to do if you have a dog

10 things for which the dog secretly hates you
Veal tenderness is not for dogs
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1. hug your pet tightly

MI-mishnye hugging the camera does not cause enthusiasm in our pets. On the contrary, excessive tenderness only irritates and causes aggression. For dogs, this is unnatural (have you ever seen dogs squeeze each other in their arms?). Though a man is a friend, animals are always on guard with him anyway. How to be a poor dog when a big-time host sticks with affection. Of course, this is a big stress, especially for small dogs. Pets become tense, they press their ears back and think only about how to escape from their hands.Want to express feelings to your pet, look for other ways. Believe me, the dog will prefer a select piece of beef to your arms.

2. Impose friends

Everyone is accustomed to thinking that only cats walk by themselves, but everyone always wants dogs to find a company among other pets for a walk. Even the most friendly dog ​​may not want to meet with any neighbor Labrador or St. Bernard. Nor can dogs share your love for certain people. Making the dog wag its tail in front of a charming stranger is a bad idea. And animals do not know that children are the flowers of life and must be treated in a special way. Moreover, there are breeds of dogs (this mainly refers to service and fighting), which hate children and can show aggression towards them.

3. Make watch salute

Dogs hate fireworks launches during holidays. Fear of high-profile volleys is associated with a heightened hearing of an animal (a dog hears four times louder than a man). For the same reason, pets feel fear when they hear thunder. Sometimes cotton from opening champagne causes panic in dogs.

4. Limit yourself to short walks.

“Walking” is one of the most beloved words that all domestic dogs know. Do not grieve your pet 10-minute promenade in the yard. Try to find time for two-three-hour walks (one hour is also not an option). Animals know the world only through the sense of smell. Remember how in the movie “Dog's Life” a golden retriever named Bailey was delighted to study the smells of country life. Especially the dog inspired goats. Never stop a pet while walking. He needs to sniff everything.

10 things for which the dog secretly hates you
Parting with the owner for dogs is a big stress
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5. Be in a bad mood.

Dogs are able to feel their owners. They are sad if their best friend is sad. Pets love when everyone around them laugh and smile. Try not to show your anxiety to pets, learn to control your own emotions.

6. Do not pay attention

Dogs, like children, need attention and care. No special toys will not replace communication with the owner. Of course, when you are not at home, the puppy can amuse with a rubber doll or rubber ball (if there are no toys, the pet will begin to bite on new shoes or wires).

7. Punish

Sergey Mikhalkov has an excellent poem called “Important Advice”. All dog owners should learn it by heart:

"You can not bring up puppies

By shouting and kicking.

A kicked puppy,

Will not be a faithful puppy.

You after a rough kick

Try to call a puppy! "

In no case can not beat animals, click on the nose, shout at them. To soothe the pet who has played it, you can sprinkle it from the bottle or try to distract your favorite delicacy. In any case, the upbringing of the animal is better to entrust to professional canine.

10 things for which the dog secretly hates you
Puppies love to play in nature
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8. Leave for a long time

Never leave your four-legged friend for a long time. Dogs are strongly tied to the owner, so separation for them is unbearable. Of course, it is impossible to stay with a faithful dog 24 hours a day, so from childhood you need to teach a puppy to find its own entertainment. For example, so that the animal in your absence does not suffer from loneliness, you can leave the dog turned on the radio or television. Hearing the sounds of a human voice, the dog will calm down. In addition, some dogs like to watch what is happening on the screen.

9.Use perfume with a hint of citrus

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, which means that they are able to catch odors, which we do not even notice. The sensitive nose of the dog reacts sharply to many irritating odors. Alcohol, ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar, citrus fruits, chili peppers — dogs consider all this to be a real poison. And a caring owner should protect the pet from unpleasant odors.

10. Kissing

Dogs do not like any calf tenderness. Especially hate when pressed against their faces. A friendly dog ​​can bite if he feels that you have violated his personal space.

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