10 tips on how to choose a wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet - one of the most prominent elements of the celebration. I want to make the right choice. Some brides trust the choice to their fiancé; others want to think for themselves what flowers to include in this accessory. Recommendations on how to choose a wedding bridal bouquet are collected from the best florists and you should listen to them carefully.

Tip one: decide on a budget

It is necessary to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend on a bouquet. Usually they do not spare money on him, but not always an expensive bouquet is appropriate. If you decide to have a wedding in a rustic style, modest wildflowers will do. Another thing - if you want chic. Everything must be in harmony with each other, including flowers. In any case, you should not buy a bouquet in the nearest kiosk. Here you need the work of professional florists who will make you a floral arrangement individually.

Tip two: check with a florist

Knowledge and experience of a specialist will help you to create an ideal composition for you. Florist considers your hair and eye color, celebration style, dress model. If you have special requests, they must be reported in advance.

Tip Three: Choose the right size

The size must be selected depending on the complexion of the bride and the pomp of her dress. For larger girls, more floral arrangements are suitable, for small girls - miniature ones. If a girl is tall, but her dress is not different in splendor, then the bouquet is still better to choose a medium size, otherwise it risks losing.

Tip Four: according to the way

The bouquet should match the selected image. If your dress is too luxurious, richly decorated, the bouquet should be no frills. Conversely, the seemingly modest dress is in harmony with expensive and luxurious flowers.

Tip Five: the flavor is not always appropriate

Flowers with strong aroma are often added, such as lily, sweet pea, lilac. If the girl is allergic, then the holiday can be spoiled by headache and watery eyes. Jolly Bunch florists know the characteristics of flowers and select the right ones for you.

Tip Six: the flowers should be fresh

The bouquet should be made immediately before the holiday and stored in a cool place. An experienced florist ensures that the flowers stay fresh throughout the day. Some girls order two bouquets: one for a photo shoot, which is then given to children or girlfriends, and the other directly for a wedding celebration.

Tip Seven: choose a form

The form is usually chosen depending on several criteria:

  • convenience;
  • character of the bride;
  • general dress silhouette.

Each case is individual. If you are at a loss with a choice, listen to the opinion of experienced florists.

Tip Eight: Pen Matters

The pen needs special attention. A handle that is too long will ruin the silhouette of the entire bouquet, but it will be inconvenient to hold a short one. If you decide that this part of the bouquet needs to be decorated, then make sure that the beauty is not excessive.

Tip Nine: Weight

Some brides are so addicted that they choose a bouquet that is too heavy or too light. How to choose the right weight? Heavy will have to wear all day and you get tired.A light can crumble when you throw it to girlfriends.

Last tip, tenth: no blemishes

The stems should not stain your dress, just like the pollen of some flowers.

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