10 tricks that will help increase the speed of the brain and tune in to solve problems

1. Drink coffee with a donut. The combination of caffeine and glucose enhances attentiveness.

2. Chew the cud. Compared to caffeine, it increases the concentration more strongly, although the effect lasts only 15 minutes.

3. Draw and draw. If you think about the problem and at the same time draw something, it will increase the memory and increase concentration.

4. Read the thoughts of great people. They cause a stream of associations (“ingenious”, “gifted”, “talented”), which reproduce the correct mental attitude. The effect lasts 10-15 minutes.

5. Communicate with different people, be interested in their life, do not allow loneliness to master you. Loneliness not only leads to deterioration of concentration, but also to premature death.

6. Exercise. Allocate at least 10-15 minutes in the morning.

7Listen to classical music. Yes, it is a classic. Any other music will give a neutral or negative result.

8. Try to get enough sleep. Different people need different sleep durations. Do not imitate the sleepless elite.

9. If you are solving an insight problem, then assume a horizontal position. In this state, the level of norepinephrine decreases, leading to relaxation and, ultimately, to a solution.

10. Believe in yourself.

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