100 best ideas interior decoration bath

Interior design of a bath

The classic Russian bathhouse includes a dressing room, a steam room and a washing room. If funds permit, you can make a swimming pool, a game room, a recreation area, a kitchen and everything you just want.

Laconic finish in Russian style with a massive table, benches and beds is most popular among the admirers of the bath.

Bath can be decorated with wooden objects with carvings, oak and birch twigs, bunches of fragrant herbs.

Materials for finishing the bath inside

Materials for finishing baths should be resistant to temperature and humidity. Of course, we should not forget about safety, because materials must be hypoallergenic and not give off toxins.

Equally important are the durability and practicality of the materials. Cheap material with a short lifespan will ultimately be more expensive for the reason that in 3-4 years it will require replacement.

For finishing the steam room and dressing room often use different types of wood.The combination of different shades, healing properties and aromas of wood gives a good effect.

Steam room

For a steam room, wood is free of resinous compounds, with low heat emission and resistant to high temperatures and high humidity.

Lipa has a pleasant aroma and does not emit tar when heated. It has low thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance, thanks to which the steam room heats up quickly.

Aspen - very dense and durable wood. Resistant to decay, fungi and mold.

Alder has a water repellent effect and a beautiful appearance.

Abash has low thermal conductivity and does not darken at all.

The desire to protect the tree from rotting is understandable. But in no case should not varnish or paint wood. Instead of the aroma of wood, you get the smell of chemicals. Even if there is no unpleasant smell, health will definitely not benefit. The best option is to leave the steam room without impregnations and coatings, properly caring for it - to air and dry.

Instead of wood, the floors in the steam room should be made of tile - the tile dries quickly and is resistant to the appearance of fungus.

Beds in the steam room is best made from aspen, linden or alder.

Waiting room

Coniferous trees are suitable for finishing the dressing room, whose scent is not only pleasant, but also incredibly useful, and birch.

Pine - the most practical and durable material for decoration.

Spruce is lighter than pine and is also excellent as a material for a waiting room.

Fir is a material from which practically no resin is released.

Shower room

It is best to tile the floor in the shower. The tile will not rot and will serve you for many years.

Finishing bath inside: the basic rules

Do not forget that the bath is a place to relax your body and soul. Avoid bright colors that will distract from peace and comfort.

The softer the light in the bath, the better. Sharp light can disrupt the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

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