12 ways to easily maintain order in the car

For many drivers, the car becomes a second home. And the house requires cleaning. And if the apartment is easy to turn on the vacuum cleaner or wipe the dust, then cleaning the car is often a matter of professionals. To pay less for cleaning the car, use a few simple tricks to maintain order.

Equip space for trash

During the long drive we often need to throw something away. Use a bulk container with exchangeable bags for this. The leak-proof lid will not let the garbage crumble even while driving. At the next parking lot will only need to change the package.

Collect emergency makeup bag

Mandatory first aid kit for traffic rules should be fully equipped. Therefore, in order not to have problems, keep on hand a spare set of necessary things in emergency situations. Fold everything into a cosmetic bag with clear compartments.If necessary, you will quickly find the desired item.

Use carbines

Attach the bags, or other things that can be hung, to the back of the chair with carbines. In case of severe braking your things will not crumble around the salon.

Suction Cups

Traveling with young children can be quite tedious. Baby soon get tired just look out the window. Place the toys, pencils and other small things right on the glass. Time on the road for a child will pass faster.

Seat Organizer

A special organizer will fit all the little things. Especially this accessory will be appreciated by mothers with babies, who always need access to a large number of things.

Set a basket for food and drinks

No one likes to collect crumbs through the cabin! A long trip without a snack can not do. Instead of putting glasses and packs of chips between the seats, put them in a small basket. Crumbs and drops will remain in it.

Package with packages.

A better box. From it is convenient to get the package when it is needed. On the Internet, you can find a special way to fold bags so that they are easy to reach by pulling an edge.

Place the little things in the cell container.

Instead of dumping all the necessary things together, lay them in compartments.

Organizer under the child seat

A child seat takes a passenger seat, and to place something else is problematic. Put the little things in the organizer, placed on the side surface.

Get a mobile vacuum cleaner

Excellent alternative to the fee for cleaning the cabin. The device can work from the cigarette lighter.

Containers for shoes in the trunk

Now you can use more storage space. After all, those things that are in the trunk all the time, will be placed in a vertical plane.

Give the air freshness

Synthetic air fresheners can cause nausea in some passengers. Replace them with a wooden clothespin with a few drops of citrus oil. Orange, tangerine and grapefruit perfectly refresh and slightly disinfect the air.

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