13 absolutely ridiculous and ridiculous ways people tried to keep their things

Nowadays, in order to keep things safe, many different ways have been invented. However, many people do not realize that some of these methods can not always be used, and that they are simply not suitable for saving some things. But the funny characters in our article didn’t care about that, and they are firmly convinced that the best remedy for the theft of pizza than a bicycle lock simply does not exist in nature.

He took a great home before spring ..

Radical method

Well, now no one will take this pizza

I would not be surprised if the names of the newlyweds appear on these castles.
Probably all these locks are more expensive than the bike itself.

So many anti-theft sensors and all for sausage

And it is immediately clear that this is so-so rayonchik

Apparently, thieves in Montenegro are afraid to death of wooden bars

“Damn, I forgot my pass at home.

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