14 new home appliances.

Why do we need a heater for the dishes, is it convenient to use a washing machine with two drums, who will need a steam cabinet, and who will have three-in-one appliances for them, as well as several new products, perhaps not so bright in our opinion.

All of the above is already available on the Russian market.

LG TWINWash ™ washing machine

In this washing machine it is possible to simultaneously run 2 wash cycles or wash a small amount of things separately. In the upper part is the main drum with a load of up to 17 kg, and under it is a retractable small, vertical, with a load of up to 3.5 kg.

In the big drum you can wash everything: from bed linen to jeans, sportswear and outerwear. He has 14 washing programs, water temperature settings, spin speed. In many washing programs, you can add steam cleaning (TrueSteam® technology): Cotton, Stain Removal, Hot Water, Sports, Hypoallergenic, Fast. Steam helps remove residues of solid contaminants. The cycle "Refreshment" means a steam treatment without water - the thing is refreshed, smoothed, odors are removed.

TurboWash mode reduces washing time: nozzles inside the main drum spray the smallest water particles through clothes during spinning at high speeds for more efficient leaching of powder residues.

The snare has its own set of programs, and it can work both with and without the big one. Its main purpose is to wash things that require particularly careful handling: thin blouses, underwear, children's clothes, as well as washing a small amount of clothes.

There are two direct drive inverter motors in the car (each has its own drum), each has a 10-year warranty.

Washing machine with two drums Haier Duo HW120-B1558

This car appeared on the market a little earlier, but its "premiere" went almost unnoticed. Haier Duo differs from standard machines in its height, its dimensions are 128 x 60 x 60 cm. Like the LG TWINWash ™, the drums work independently of each other.

Haier Duo capacity is 12 kg. In a small upper drum, you can load up to 4 kg of things at the same time, and in the lower one - 8 kg. Haier Duo automatically determines not only the weight of dirty laundry, but also the hardness of the water, depending on what controls the amount of detergent.

The upper drum is designed for washing delicate things: delicate and hypoallergenic washings, laundry clothes, children's clothing, colored fabrics and small loads. In the lower drum it is recommended to load the upper and working clothes, bed linens and curtains, jeans and bulky things, and also use boiling at 90 ° C. General modes (rinsing, spinning, quick or double washing) and additional functions are provided: washing out stains from juice, grass, wine, blood and other stains, soaking, light ironing and so on.

Samsung AddWash: washing machine with a "refueling" function

The Samsung AddWash washing machine is a rather advertised novelty from last year, which I decided to add to the review for the originality of the idea. The design of its hatch provides an additional door that allows you to throw clothes during washing. It's just convenient. Other characteristics of Samsung AddWash correspond to modern washing machines: loading up to 6.5 kg with a width of only 45 cm and 12 kg for a standard model, energy efficiency class A, water consumption - 39 liters per cycle, programs for different types of fabrics (including superhygienic steam wash), bubble generator for better washing and inverter motor.

Samsung AddWash uses EcoBubble technology - water is mixed with detergent and a special generator feeds air into the solution - oxygenated foam is supplied to the linen.

The embossed Diamond drum with reduced and water holes located in faceted recesses prevents tearing and damage to fabric fibers. Water, accumulating in such recesses, forms a water cushion, making washing particularly delicate without compromising quality.

Hoover Dynamic Next and Dynamic Wizard washing machines

Brand Hoover (Hoover) in our country is known for its vacuum cleaners. Therefore, we could not get past the Russian premiere of washing machines. Their main features are: maximum load at minimum depth (13 kg at a depth of 66.5 cm, 7 kg at a depth of 43 cm and 6 kg at a depth of 34 cm) and technologies that allow you to control the machine using mobile applications.

In the Dynamic Next line, you need to attach the smartphone to the washing machine and get access to the diagnostics (whether it is time to clean the filter or start the full cleaning program), as well as prompts in choosing a washing program, etc. Models Hoover Dynamic Wizard can be connected to Wi-Fi and manage them remotely through the application.

Hob / oven and dishwasher Candy Trio 9503 / 1X

This model is suitable for the kitchen, where you need to save space occupied by household appliances. If you do not want to give up neither the oven nor the dishwasher with a shortage of square meters, this is the ideal solution. It has no competitors yet.

The Hi Light glass-ceramic hob has energy efficiency class A and is equipped with a light indication of residual heat in order to see at a glance that the surface has cooled.

The 39-liter oven includes 4 cooking modes, as well as convection mode.

Dishwasher holds up to 6 sets of dishes. To four standard modes of washing, Candy experts added Hygiene +, which is designed for stale dishes and removes up to 99% of all bacteria. A find for those who do not load the machine immediately and want to always get clean dishes.

Dish Warmer Goreneje Plus UWD1400X

The UWD1400X dishwasher heater is designed for 6 complete sets: it can accommodate 80 coffee or 40 tea cups, or 20 plates with a diameter of 28 cm. The frontal stainless steel panel hides the shelf and the rotary knob. The PushPull mechanism is powered by a light touch: the cart travels on telescopic rails.A rubber mat at the bottom of the drawer keeps the dishes from slipping, the indicator light tells you if the device is working. Heater maintains temperature from 40 to 85 degrees.

Gourmets assure that espresso should be poured into heated cups, and Mediterranean dishes should be served in heated plates. It is also possible to use the heater in order to preserve the “piping hot” effect of ready-made dishes.

In the preheater, you can set up yeast dough and defrost food, warm up buns and croissants for breakfast, as well as maintain the temperature of a festive dinner if guests are late.

Steam cabinet LG STYLER

In 2011, the first generation of steam styling LG Styler was introduced in South Korea. Currently, a Styler wardrobe is sold every four minutes in its homeland in South Korea.

Styler combines the basic technologies of two main types of household appliances: steam treatment technology borrowed from washing machines, while the technology of controlling temperature and air flow - from refrigerators. LG's TrueSteam® steam function provides refreshment, eliminates odors and mild disinfection of clothing, while eliminating more than 99% of allergens and bacteria. As a result, clothing gets the smell of freshness and purity.The function of creating arrows on trousers restores them, while reducing the folds on the knees, waist and other problem areas. In addition, moving the hanger gently shake the garment from side to side to straighten minor wrinkles and wrinkles during steam treatment.

The steam oven includes the use of Tag-On tags. Owners can download cycles specifically designed for specific garments, and program LG Styler from their smartphones. If, for any reason, the steam cabinet will ever need maintenance, the Smart Diagnosis will send a warning to the users' smartphones so that you can quickly take appropriate action.

LG Styler has several pre-installed clothing care programs: “Refreshment”, “Drying”, and “Hygiene”.

A removable shelf at the bottom can be used to handle soft toys in LG Styler and things that can not be hung.

So the closet can look in a spacious dressing room, and those working for LG have appreciated the presence of a steam cabinet in their office.

Refrigerator with dispenser and water filter LIEBHERR CNef 3535

A model with a dispenser that allows you to pour water without opening the door, created after user polls. This solution does not pretend to be a sensation, and the model is distinguished from the Soviet dispensers by the presence of a Brita filter (water purification cartridges require regular replacement).

The rest of the model is pretty standard: two cameras, A ++ power consumption class, No Frost system, superfreezing mode with auto-shutdown, TFT touchscreen display, remote control, useful total volume of 305 liters, water container with Brita filter 4.7 l, 3 adjustable and 1 foldable shelves, noise level 39 dB, 18 hours of keeping cold during a power outage, frontal ventilation (can be placed close to the wall).

Steam convection oven Panasonic NU-SC101

The convection oven is made in retro-style, while the model allows you to combine modes and combine a double boiler, oven, yogurt maker and even a deep fryer in one device - the dream of nutritionists. It's about Healthy Fry, which allows you to fry the product and achieve a crust without oil. In the "menu" of the oven 18 programs (of which 13 automatic recipes). The manufacturer positions the novelty as a device that can replace a microwave oven: it can be heated in it, but with the help of heat, steam and convection.

Microwave ovens LG NeoChef

This microwave is presented as designer household appliances. Therefore, the face of the advertising campaign was the interior designer and model Alyona Sanaeva. But not only ergonomic design, touch control, bright LED-lights inside - the advantages of the LG NeoChef. Smart Inverter technology and a large selection of cooking modes, as well as an increased internal volume (up to 39 liters), interested us much more.

Technology LG Smart Inverter provides high power (up to 1000 W) and the accuracy of its adjustment. In this microwave, you can bake fish or chicken, and if you want to make homemade yogurt.

After attending the presentation of the stove, I conducted a small survey in the community. According to the results, it appears that almost 40% of respondents immediately look at the technical characteristics and another 14.8% look at them secondarily, while only 6.8% of the respondents prepare food in microwave ovens.

Robot vacuum cleaner LG HOM-BOT Square1

A new model of the robot from LG appeared after writing a post about robot vacuum cleaners, but repeats the square shape of its predecessor. Thanks to the new inverter motor Smart Inverter Motor with an increased speed, LG HOM-BOT Square will collect up to 92% of rubbish from hard floor.And from a carpet with a pile of up to 1.5 cm - 45% (this is 15% more than LG robot vacuum cleaners with a conventional motor).

For orientation in space and building a route in the LG HOM-BOT Square, the advanced camera system Dual Eye 2.01 is responsible: the robot creates a room map, builds a route, distinguishes different types of floor surfaces and can even navigate in the dark. The “digital bumper” is responsible for defining the obstacles - a set of sensors on the case of the vacuum cleaner that help it avoid and minimize collisions with various obstacles, including glass ones.

LG HOM-BOT Square has 4 basic cleaning modes:
"Zigzag" - for areas with a small number of obstacles
"My place" - for areas with a large number of obstacles
"Cell by cell" - the most suitable for everyday cleaning of the entire apartment
"Spot" - for quick cleaning of small areas

Modes "Turbo", "Smart Turbo" and "Repeat" will help to customize the vacuum cleaner to suit your needs.

Robot vacuum cleaner Philips SmartPro Compact

Another updated model is the Philips SmartPro Compact robotic vacuum cleaner, complemented by the innovative TriActive XL nozzle and Smart Detection intelligent system.

The case has become even thinner (height 6 cm) and allows the new product to collect garbage under low furniture and in other hard-to-reach places,and thanks to the 4-wheel drive system, the robot easily "stepped" through the rapids and freely moves on any surfaces, including the carpet.

Nozzle TriActive XL in the new model has become 2 times wider than usual. This means that the area of ​​the surface cleaned in one movement also doubles. Moreover, the novelty is equipped with two additional suction holes on the sides and elongated side brushes that help pick up dirt, even in the corners. A flexible strip behind the main hole allows you to carefully collect the remaining dust particles.

The Smart Detection system consists of intelligent sensors, a gyroscope and an accelerometer, so that the vacuum cleaner analyzes the features of the room and chooses the optimal mode from 4 possible ones. For cleaning 80% of one room will take about 12 minutes.

6 infrared sensors of the device make sure that the robot cleaner determines the location of obstacles and carefully travels around them. This prevents collisions with furniture and mirrors or cable damage. In addition, the novelty is equipped with a soft rubber bumper, which helps to avoid damage to furniture during cleaning.

To quickly determine where the robot vacuum cleaner is, it is enough to clap your hands and it will respond with an alarm sound. The model has a remote control and the ability to set a cleaning schedule.

Battery Li-Ion, operating time up to 130 minutes.

Philips Performer Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner

One of the main advantages of this vacuum cleaner is a flat TriActive LED attachment that fits snugly to the surface with LED lighting, allowing you to clean the floors under furniture.

This nozzle also easily cleans soft and carpets without having to switch mode. The unique rubber layer of the brushless zigzag nozzle does not entangle the hair collected from the floor, preventing the formation of tangles inside, and easily collects both small and large dust particles.

The motion sensor tracks the moment when they stop using the vacuum cleaner and automatically turns off the device when you put the pen. This allows you to quickly answer the phone call or move the furniture nearby, without being distracted by additional actions. The vacuum cleaner will work again as soon as the handle is raised.

The console controlling the power settings is located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner.You can choose a mode for curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets or hard flooring. The case is equipped with a built-in compartment for storing additional accessories.

AirflowMax technology allows you to maintain the quality of the vacuum cleaner until the bag is full.

Filters: HEPA 13.

Hoods Candy by Julia Vysotskaya

The Italian company Candy has long been working with actress and TV host Julia Vysotskaya, as we saw at the culinary workshop last year. The range of new range of hoods Candy by Julia Vysotskaya consists of six chimney dome hoods: the quartet in modern style and two options in vintage style. All equipment has three speeds of air ventilation, an aluminum grease filter that can be washed in a dishwasher, and a carbon filter. Width of models varies from 60 to 90 cm.

Hoods in modern style with a sloping dome made in black and white glass. Models "modern" equipped with LED lighting. The hood is designed for a kitchen area of ​​up to 18 m2.

Vintage style hoods are presented in the colors of white antique (aged white) and anthracite (deep matte black). The hood is designed for a kitchen area of ​​up to 20 m2.

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