14 worst outfits from grief designers

The editors of Woman's Day studied the creations of Russian stars who decided to try their hand at designing clothes.

Among celebrities, it has long since become fashionable to do several things at once: TV shows and films, films, books, and even collections of clothes. But, as practice shows, the design of clothes seems to Russian stars as the most simple activity. Otherwise, how else to explain such a huge number of name brands that have appeared over the past couple of years. Interestingly, fashionable brands are acquired mainly by girls related to the reality show “Dom-2” and to the wives of football players.

Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Darya Pynzar, Inna Zhirkova and Maria Pogrebnyak achieved a very impressive success in the field of instagram sales, but to call them real designers still does not turn the language. We do not know where Buzova takes ideas from and who actually designs and sews all her “collections”.We also do not know the principle on which Inna Zhirkova’s atelier works. Judging by the social networks, her main concern is to try on every toilet and take a picture in it, and also to persuade friends like Julia Baranovskaya and Victoria Lopyreva to go to one of them for a party or presentation.

Despite the huge number of fans of his fashion industry and the many thousands of subscribers on Instagram, you can find frank hack and bad taste among the creations of the stars. The most striking such examples we have collected in the gallery below. But first, let's talk a little about star brands.

Ksenia Borodina

For the TV host, the Store by Ksenia Borodina brand is already the second attempt in the fashion industry. For the first time, she opened an instagram store with her husband Kurban Omarov, but was forced to abandon it because of personal differences. After reconciliation with the prodigal husband, Xenia resumed activity in the field of fashion. The business card of her brand is sports suits, laconic feminine dresses, leggings and jeans. It is worth noting that not all the creations of Borodina fit well, and some do look very doubtful.

Olga Buzova

Co-host Borodina also tried to win the fashionable Olympus several times. She had a chain of jewelry stores that she created with her younger sister, as well as a clothing brand. After a scandalous breakup with a business partner and accusations of plagiarism, Buzova created a personalized brand, which was based on dresses, sundresses, costumes and even cocktail toilets. True, both fabrics, and silhouettes of dresses from Buzova raise big questions.

Inna Zhirkova

The wife of the football player, Yuri Zhirkov, positions herself as the head of a personalized atelier, in which dresses for significant events are sewn to order. If you look at the collections created by Inna, then you can call them quite successful. Speaking of justice, in most cases, Zhirkov creates high-quality and beautiful clothes. But there are incidents, like a very strange and ridiculous jumpsuit with emoticons or dresses with huge sleeves.

Maria Pogrebnyak

Pogrebnyak brand can also be called successful and even quality. In the assortment of the brand there is always a cute dress with lace or a sexy cocktail toilet. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for Maria and her team to keep the bar.For example, in her collections there is a place for such nonsense as a skirt with rhinestones and fur or a dress of shiny curtains.

Daria Pynzar

Clothing from Daria Pynzar - the most poor quality and cheap in every sense on our list. The owner of the brand does not consider it necessary to make beautiful pictures for the catalog, what can we say about the design itself. A shirt of asymmetrical cut, a park with an ugly embroidery on the back, a velvet suit hanging in some places - we have not seen any worse clothes.

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