15 Examples of large dining tables that you can make yourself

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You can create these tables even with a limited budget! When it comes to choosing furniture to complete an interior design, this can be a daunting and expensive task. Even when choosing a simple table, it will not be so easy to choose exactly the option and specific style that you would like to recreate. Some of us just decided to build a table with our own hands.

And even if you are not an experienced master, you can build a simple object that will meet your needs and make a bold statement in home decor. Take a look at our selection of15 best dining table designsthat will inspire you.

Old bars

Let's start, perhaps, with the most complex design of the dining table, which will require not only the skill of working with wood, but also the possession of the welding machine.The table top is assembled fromold 10x10 cm barsfound in a landfill that rely on an interesting design of the legs. Under the link below the photo you will find a detailed master class.

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How to make a large dining table

Unedged board

Finger-joined unedged boards with steel legs are a great addition to the modern dining room. Take a look at the detailed description of the project, maybe it will inspire you to create your own unique dining table.

How to make a large dining table


It is recommended to use maple wood for this project. Drawing a Christmas tree is quite easy to do if you follow the description on the link under the photo. Such a table can attract all the attention of guests in the dining room, thanks to its unique design of the tabletop.

How to make a large dining table

Massive modern table

Chunky, with a weighty tabletop and even more impressive wooden legs, this table simply obliges to large feasts in a cozy family atmosphere.

How to make a large dining table

Dining table with benches

A good choice for country style interiors. Instead of ordinary chairs, the author made the benches in the same style as the table. Maybe they are not very functional, but roomy enough to accommodate all family members. Take a look at the detailed master class!

How to make a large dining table


For those who do not want to spend a lot of money and time to create a dining table. The minimum set - legs from a laminated and hollow interior door instead of a countertop. He cannot be given the title of the most reliable and accurate table, but for his budget - an excellent option.

How to make a large dining table


Massive x-shaped legs of wood, interconnected by a metal pipe passing through the junction of the bars. Detailed master class at the link below the photo includes step-by-step instructions, a list of tools, materials and other details that are needed to create the table.

How to make a large dining table


Today, furniture, decoration, sanitary ware and even building facades are made of. The usual available material, which was previously treated condescendingly, unexpectedly turned out to be at the peak of popularity. In the era of minimalism, natural motifs and naturalness, plywood is as well as possible “come to court”. More recently, this material was considered faceless, unsightly, and too cheap-looking. Take a look at this unusual table, maybe it will inspire you.

How to make a large dining table


Another interesting country style project. The unusual thing is the choice of legs, namely, the use of wooden balusters, which are most often used in the construction of stairs.

How to make a large dining table


Here is another project for a country house fromPopular Mechanics. There are not so many images in this master class, as you will see in most other projects, but there are many written instructions. If you are a fan of rustic style, then you should try to make this dining table.

How to make a large dining table

Concrete Countertop

Why not use concrete to create the tabletop? The author asked this question and realized his daring idea.

How to make a large dining table

Table for the Garden

Another option is an interesting table design. You will see a detailed description of the link under the photo.

How to make a large dining table

Modern Dining Table

How to make a great dining table

Another x-shaped table

How to make a great dining table


Arielewith her work proved that even fragile and tender female hands are capable of creating amazing things. All her projects are made of old wooden slats, which she finds in dumps, in collapsed houses or received as a gift from friends. Take a look at her works, maybe they will inspire you to create your own unique table.

How to make a great dining table

Wood and resin

If all of the above projects for you are just baby talk and you are looking for a special idea, then I suggest looking at furniture using resin. This technique won the love of carpenters quite recently and they continue to create masterpieces, combining resin and wood.Read more.

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