15 non-standard ways to use old leggings or pantyhose

Tights and leggings often wear out in one place, remaining intact in another. Use good fabric to do a lot of useful things.

Elastic bandage for sports

Sportswear is quite expensive. Sew a comfortable bandage that absorbs sweat and holds leggings from cotton leggings. You can use synthetic fabric, if it has good hygroscopicity.

Laconic top

Complete the shirt with a too wide neck.

If you do not like bras underwired, you will like this master class.

Leggings with cuts

If there is a hole on your favorite leggings, squeeze the maximum out of it. Cover the entire surface with cuts, and get a brand new thing. You can supplement this pair with another one, with an interesting pattern.

Lightweight leggings

In this case, the lower part of the leg will be used.Handle the upper edge and wear leggings with boots or boots.

Crop top

Here is a very simple way to turn leggings into an interesting top.


Original sports pants

Update the old design. You only need to put a few cuts on the leggings. Connect the loops, interlacing with each other, securing the bottom of the nodes.

Braided necklace

Weave together several multi-colored knitwear patches and connect with fasteners.

Turban bandage

The process of creating an original hair accessory in the master class:

New lampshade

Restore the old lamp with the annoying lampshade. Stretch the knit, and secure the edges with glue on the inside.

Baskets for storing small items

Knitted fabric is great for weaving. Twist the fabric into a spiral, sewing the edges with threads.

Soft mitts or mittens

If you do not like prickly wool, sew yourself soft mitts from old knitwear. The easiest way is to cut off the excess and process the edges. But you can work hard, and sew compound mitts, treating the flaps with knit stitches.

Bright applique

Decorate with bright cloth baby clothes.Such patches will be especially useful for clothes with small stains.

Wicker Cosmetic Bag

A great way to use old leggings with zippers. Everything will do.

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