17 tips on how to survive a flight with a child without stress

Summer is in the courtyard - it means you’re probably planning to go to warm countries, but you may already experience a slight panic from the prospect of spending a few hours on a plane with your young child.

Experts of Skyscanner, a site for searching flights, hotels and car rentals, are experts in flying with children and share tips that have been tested in practice.

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Remember the miracle of flight

Flying is fun. And fly - just awesome. Think of the fact that your children do not associate the airline with restrictions on baggage and working trips - most likely, the prospect of flying in the clouds fascinates them. Share this feeling with them. Do not forget that flying for you once was an amazing adventure. For them, it is still such, so show them tiny houses, clouds or sunset.

If all this has already been done, ask them to calculate how many passengers are aboard.

Do not think that we are mocking, it really works.

Play pilots

Are children afraid to fly? Allow your child to play the role of a pilot or flight attendant. Play with him everything that usually happens on board. It really helps to avoid panic before and during the flight.

Prepare something for passengers flying with you.

If you are afraid that the passengers flying with you will hate you for your child's crying during the flight to Malaga or, even worse, for the addiction to kick the back of the seat in front, why don't you follow the idea of ​​handing out boxes of chocolates to passengers sitting nearby? Try to act cute and cautious. If you are the parent of a potentially naughty baby, send a note to the series:

“To the person sitting in front of us.

You are most likely already aware of our presence. Unfortunately, it was you who had the shortest straw. We apologize in advance for the behavior of our child. The kid may look very cute when he wants ice cream, but as you can see, he is still a rogue when it comes to flying. Once again, we apologize for all the inconvenience.

Parents fidget.

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Keep it simple

The game can take children, and the time flies by completely unnoticed, however, it is clear that you do not want to take a mountain of toys with you. So be simple! Simple games are the best.

On the way to the airport, you can use the car numbers and make up sentences from the letters indicated on the number (for example, К789СО - Katya looks out the window). You can also play with words - make up a word and decipher every letter in it.

On the Internet you will find a large number of other simple games on the road. Arm yourself with pencils, colorings and a drawing pad.

Favorite toy - the whole world

If you are going to the plane, take a few toys with you, but save the "very-best" of them in case of emergency. And even better - in advance buy its exact copy or an improved version and surprise the child, suddenly taking it out of the bag.

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