20 village latrines in which there is no desire to commit suicide

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It’s safe to say about our modern society,that it is based on wasteWe absorb everything: food, water, energy. Inall goes to waste,includingour time. As in the old Latin proverb -Fugit irreparabile Tempus(the irrevocable time flies).

If you want to make a small contribution to protecting the environment, therustictoilet can take pride of place on your site.It hasmany advantages: the water bill will decrease significantly, it does not require sewage or septic systems, lack of unpleasant odors and unity with nature.

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But for most of you, a village restroom is associated with some dark, smelly and scary place that could be the last thing you see in your life. Some people have psychological traumas after a grandmother’s weekend in the village.

Today we want to dispel your stereotypes and demonstrate what a rustic toilet can be.Take a look at 20 examples that will inspire you ...

Pleasant Bonus

Those who deal with the village restrooms are familiar with these problems:flies, bad smells and splashing at the stern. They can be solved with the help ofone bottle of vegetable oil, poured into the mouth of the volcano. Can be without spells.

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  • There will be no more flies, as they and their larvae cannot survive in an oily environment;
  • There is almost no odor, even in extreme heat
  • Water splashes cannot fly due to an oily film on the surface.

You can pour and engine oil (mining / diesel), but the vacuum trucks may refuse to service the booth, soiled with oil.

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