21 Days to Living Lean

by SkinnyMs.


21 Days to Living Lean

Living lean can be simple if you break down your long-term goals into small daily tasks.  Whether you are trying to completely change your lifestyle habits or you just need a little tweaking to reach your fullest health potential, these steps to live lean can help! This list of 21 steps will introduce a new way to live lean each day for 3 weeks. Do as many as you can each day and it will truly add up to a happier, healthier you!

1. Hydrate  
Your body is more than 70% water, so staying hydrated is extremely important!  Try to have a glass of water right when you wake up, before each meal, and more throughout the day. Read these4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water, too.

2. Heart-healthy
Your heart needs exercise to stay strong – it powers your entire body, after all! You should try to sweat, yes sweat, at least five days per week. Whether that means walking, swimming, jogging, or bicycling is up to you. Just do it!

3. Train Your Whole Body
The one way to truly change the shape of your body is to strength-train. You’ll increase your calorie burn all day long by doing just one 20 minute strength routine per day. Focus on moves that work big muscle groups to burn the most calories possible. Try theWeightLESS Workout Challenge, theMetabolism Workout, or theKiller Circuit Bootcamp Workoutto work your entire body!

4. Vary Your Workouts 
Your body adapts to the workouts you expose it to – over time you can do the same workout more efficiently, burning fewer calories doing the same moves. So aside from workout boredom, you won’t be getting the same awesome results if you do the same routine day in and day out. Mix up your workouts- include cardio exercise, strength training, and yoga to look and feel your best!

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5. Stress Less
Stress can cause weight gain, overeating, and many more undesirable results. While some amount of life stress is unavoidable, you can change how you handle it. After a long day, read theseGet Happybenefits of working out and try one of these6 Ways to Detox Your Body.

6. Quiet Time  
The hustle of bustle of your busy life can be a lot to handle, and it certainly can interrupt your ultimate get-lean goal. Take some time for yourself each day to be with your thoughts. Sit in a quiet room for even just 5 minutes. Focus on slowing down your breath and letting yourself be present in the moment. Your body, skin, and mind will thank you!

7. Try Something New
Just as doing the same workout can lead to a slump, eating the same foods each day can lead to boredom and leave you lacking essential nutrients. Vary your foods as much as possible, making your plate as colorful as you can. SkinnyMs.

Video: Behind the Scenes | Alpha M's Tailored: 6-Weeks To Living Lean

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