23 tips on the unexpected use of wall hooks

The main function of wall hangers is to keep your belongings in order when you are not wearing them. However, wall hooks can also give convenience to ordinary household chores. Here are some interesting ideas on how to use simple hooks. Perhaps some of you did not even know.

1. If you stick such hooks directly to a plastic container, you no longer need to spend time searching for a spoon for croup.

2. Hooks help keep durshlak always at hand. In this way, you can store lids from pans.

3. If you stick the hooks to the inside of the cabinet door and hang the shelf, here you can store all the little things. What is noteworthy, you do not even need to drill anything.

4. And if you hang such a cabinet in the bathroom, you can use it as a stand for a hairdryer.

5. With the help of hooks, you can also hide the wires, which you stumble all the time at the most inopportune moment.

6If you turn a pair of hooks on the side and glue them on the same level in the bathroom, you can use them as toothbrush holders.

7. With the help of hooks, you can easily hang new curtains.

8. Garbage bags will no longer fall out of the bucket!

9. No more storing your belts on a separate shelf. They can be hung on a hook, while maintaining a lot of space on the shelf.

10. An indispensable idea for those who have a lot of points.

11. If you glue the two hooks at the desired distance from each other, turning them 90 degrees in advance, you can attach a roll with cling film, foil or baking paper to them.

12. All of us are trying to allocate a separate place for wires from kitchen appliances, and then spend time on their unraveling. It is much easier to use a regular hook!

13. Organize in the kitchen a separate place for mugs (next to the kettle). So it will be much more convenient to drink asleep morning coffee.

14. If you stick these hooks to the cabinet door in the kitchen, they will be able to hold the lids of pots and pans, thus you save extra space for other things in the cabinet.

15. Glue the hook to the back of the door, fasten the ribbon by the hook and hang the Christmas wreath.

16.On the hook, you can hang the router to save space.

17. It is not necessary to store the headphones on a separate shelf, they can be hung right next to the computer.

18. Make hooks holder for tablet or phone. So it will be much more convenient to watch your favorite movie for a hot cup of tea.

19. With the help of hooks, you can make and station to charge the phone. So you definitely do not spill anything on the phone!

20. Ideal for those who constantly lose keys.

21. Using a hook and a clamp, you can hang rubber gloves on the cabinet door. So they will always be at hand.

22. Free up some space on the floor and make a separate shelf for shoes with heels.

23. With the help of hooks and small trouser hangers, you can gently hang children's drawings on the wall. No nails needed.

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