24 Unmatched Plywood Furniture Options

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The fashion for environmentally friendly materials smoothly flowed from 2015 to 2016. However, in the rating of demand for the materials themselves, there have been some changes. For example, instead of natural wood, designers increasingly began to use ordinary plywood. Today plywood is used to create finishes, plumbing and even building facades. The usual available material, which was previously treated condescendingly, suddenly turned out to be at the peak of popularity.

In the era of minimalism, natural motifs and naturalness, plywood was the best way to "come to court." More recently, this material was considered faceless, unsightly, and too cheap-looking. When making furniture, plywood was often masked with wooden veneer. Only recently, designers have finally paid attention to the elegant unobtrusive design peculiar to its surface.And today, along with bare brick walls and nothing covered with concrete floors, in the fashion - decoration and furniture made of natural plywood, without decoration and embellishment.

Plywood- ideal for making furniture. In addition to durability and environmental friendliness, it has such an important quality as ease of cutting and design. Unlike wooden boards, plywood plates can be given any shape: broken, rounded. This material does not limit the designer's imagination, but rather stimulates him to bold creative experiments.

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