25 reincarnations of an old sweater

The familiar situation - the cabinet is packed to capacity, there is nowhere to shove even socks, but it is only the pair of jeans, the dimensionless cozy sweatshirt, two unpretentious sweaters and the T-shirt bought a hundred years ago? Because, no matter how beautiful and elegant the thing is, we will always be drawn to cosiness and comfort. And it is for this reason that some new things are left untouched for years after the only way out, and some wear up holes. Then they go into the category of "domestic", they are patched up, cut off and worn a little bit ... And then more or less "live" flaps are taken from them and put into use like potholders, kitchen towels and other ... Conclusion - with your favorite thing as with a loved one to leave very, very difficult! Therefore, I propose to review your wardrobe on the subject of “five minutes of discarded things” and give them a second chance! After all, how many useful, beautiful and original things can be made from the same sweater!


1. Socks

Such bright and warm socks are sewn in one sitting from the sleeves of an old sweater.You only need to cut a piece of the sleeve of the desired length and gently hem it in place of the cut so that the edge is not disheveled. Such socks look very stylish under high boots or on top on ankle boots.

2. Puffs and pillows

Puffy bags are now in fashion. They are very light, as they are packed with weightless holofiber or padding polyester, comfortable and soft as down pillows. Moreover, such poufs look quite stylish. It is easy to sew them yourself. You only need: an unnecessary sweater, thick fabric for the bottom, fabric for the inner cover, stuffing, scissors, needle and thread.

Sew the inner case and stuff it with a holofiber or other stuffing, fasten it with a thread. From a sweater, cut off the sleeves and sew the holes formed from the inside. You slip a cover with a gasket into your sweater and sew a bottom cut out of dense fabric on the bottom.

3. Pillows

4. Bags

Unusual knitted bags can be easily made, even if you do not like to knit! You can use the already made knitting of an unnecessary sweater - just cut out two pieces of the desired size and shape, sew, fasten the handles, make the inner case with pockets for your favorite little things and the new thing is ready!

5.New dress or skirt?

If you have a few relatively new things that you disliked or that were partially out of order, you can combine a new update from them, for example ...

6. Fashionable winter accessories

From one sweater, if you try hard, you can sew yourself a very original set of warm clothes - a hat, mittens and even a scarf! And if you decorate them with colors of felt, ribbons, beads or buttons - you will have a few more favorite things.

7. Pencil

Open a piece of fabric from a sweater or other unnecessary knitwear and sew for a glass (tin can without a lid, a miniature coffee can, an old cup with a broken handle ...) warm case - now you have a cute pencil holder.

8. Case for the diary

Covers of notebooks, if it is of course not high-quality leather, wear out quickly. Sometimes you do not even have time to fill it up to the middle - and he has already pretty battered. Sew him a cover of a not very rough sweater! Choose a brighter piece, with a pattern, or decorate it yourself.

9. Clothes and soft bed for your beloved pet.

The simplest design for a fashionable jumpsuit ...

But a comfortable and practical bed for your pet ...

I think it is easy to guess how it is sewn. Cut the top of the sweater from the bottom (draw a flat strip just on the "chest" and cut). Sew inside the neck, the sleeves on the "brushes" and the bottom, fill tightly with the packing. From the bottom of the sweater, open and sew the oval pad. Fill and pad it. Now sew both sides and that's it!

10. Vintage candlestick

For such a candlestick you need only jars and patches of knitted sweater!

11. We warm the flower pots for winter

12. Knitted bracelets

13. Christmas balls in the "coat"

The original way to update the Christmas toys - sheathe their knitted patches. Such toys "warm" by themselves.

14. Bottle cover

Another idea how unusual it is to serve the New Year's table! Let all the bottles be in winter "fur coats".

15. Sox Balls

The Sox is one of the variations of the game "footbeck", in which they perform all sorts of tricks with a small ball filled with sand or croup. They are made mainly from old socks, but you can use sweaters for the same purpose! Especially this fake children will be happy, or your favorite cat!

16. Mitts

17.We warm our phones, netbooks and e-books

18. Warm cup coat

19. Knitted decor

What else to make from an old sweater ...

A cap

A tight sweater is the best material for a warm winter hat. Take one of your caps as a pattern for the pattern. Attach it near the hem of the sweater and cut the two halves. Sew them. A super simple option for those who can't knit.


An old sweater can wonderfully warm your hands in severe frosts. Attach your palm to the sweater and circle. Just keep in mind that you need to leave 1-2 cm for the seams and free space, so that it is comfortable to wear products. Sew half mittens and wear to health!


Just pull the sweater on the lampshade. Leave 1-2 cm on top. Using hot glue, attach this part of the sweater to the inside of the lampshade. It looks very interesting!

Gift wrapper

You can cut a strip from a jacket and decorate it with a box with a gift. And also you can wrap the whole gift with a sweater. Chic idea on New Year's Eve!

Christmas wreath

Make a round volumetric base. Wrap her old sweater.Add decorations - and you're done! A very simple and fast version of the Christmas wreath on the door!

Dog sweater

To your pet is not cold in the cold winter, make warm clothes for him. Cut a piece of sleeve to the desired length. Measure your dog to know where the holes should be.

Now you see that there are no unnecessary things. From just one old sweater, how much practical can you make! And if you know how to knit, then you can easily dissolve the product on a thread and create something new.

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