30 Family Photography Ideas

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Nowadays, photos are no longer stored in dusty old albums, which are remembered at the time of the arrival of guests or on significant family dates. I suggest you to keep up to date and show the best photos you think, placing them on the wall in random order, using decorative frames or attaching them to the ceiling in the bedroom, waking up every day you will admire the most expensive thing you have.

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You can decorate photos with any room in the house, but you must take into account the peculiarities of the room's interior in order to stylize a collage of photos for this interior.

If you do not want to suffer with the combination of photographs of different sizes, you can buy a large number of identical frames and veneer the entire wall, for example in the hallway.If your photos seem to you too different in color or style, as they were taken with a large time difference, you can process them on a computer and translate them into monochrome photos. Black and white color never goes out of fashion, despite the age of digital photos.

It will look very impressive handmade frames - restored or made from scratch.

Larger images try to post higher than the smaller photo.

Remember that it all depends on your imagination, from our side30 interesting ideasof placing family photos that will inspire you.

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