30 photos of the stars who broke the record for likes this summer

We found out which of the Hollywood and our celebrities especially distinguished himself on Instagram.

What is the maximum number of "hearts" you get for one post in the microblog? Whatever figure you now call, singerJustin bieberthis summer just does not overtake. In just a few weeks, his publication with a declaration of love for the new sweetheart gathered a record 12.7 million likes. What can I say, even Instagram star Kim Kardashian never collected so many approving views in a short time.

But, admittedly, Bieber’s frank comment was simply impossible to ignore. See for yourself: “My heart belongs only to you, and you will always be in the first place for me. You are the love of my life, Haley Baldwin, and I do not want to spend it with anyone else. You make me so much better, and we complement each other so well ... "Milota, and only that!

Justin Bieber with a new girlfriend Hayley Baldwin, 12.7 million likes (July 10)
Photo: @justinbieber
Justin Bieber with a new girlfriend Hayley Baldwin, 12.7 million likes (July 10)
Photo: @justinbieber

Justin's behind soccer starCristiano Ronaldo. His picture during a vacation with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and the eldest son, 8-year-old Cristiano Jr., was estimated at 11.2 million likes. However, this is not surprising. Family idyll, shown in the post, pleases the eye.

By the way, according to the latest information, Cristiano made Georgina a long-awaited marriage proposal, as evidenced by the ring on her ring finger of her left hand. Wedding is just around the corner!

Cristiano Ronaldo with beloved Georgina Rodriguez and eldest son Cristiano Jr., 11.2 million likes (July 10)
Photo: @cristiano

Younger sister Kim KardashianKylie jennerthis summer can be proud of themselves. Her post with her little daughter, Stormie Webster, collected 8.9 million likes on her hands and became the third most popular.

The 20-year-old secular diva and model, we recall, first became a mother in February of this year. Her baby's father is rapper Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner with her daughter, 8.9 million likes (July 19)
Photo: @kyliejenner

SingerSelena Gomezconsidered the highest rated on Instagram. 139 million people signed up for her account. So it is worth the star to post a selfie, as it immediately falls into the top of social networks. The same thing happened on her birthday (she turned 26 on July 22).In just a few hours (not weeks and months!), Her photographs from the celebration collected 8.1 million "hearts."

Perhaps, Internet users appreciated not only vivid pictures of Gomez, but also her touching commentary to the guests: “Another year behind. Thank you for your love. I am very grateful to all of you and my best friends that you are celebrating this day with me. I love you like crazy guys! ”

Selena Gomez, 8.1 million likes (July 24)
Photo: @selenagomez
Selena Gomez with friends, 8.1 million likes (July 24)
Photo: @selenagomez
Selena Gomez with friends, 8.1 million likes (July 24)
Photo: @selenagomez

Another of the genus Kardashian-JennerKendallI was pleased with the followers of the joint selfie with sister Kylie, about which we have already written above. The girl posted a very funny and, most importantly, natural pictures, which are estimated by 6.8 million users. Hence the conclusion: the simpler the photo, the more likes. Take note!

Kendall Jenner with sister Kylie, 6.8 million likes (July 18)
Photo: @kendalljenner
Kendall Jenner with sister Kylie, 6.8 million likes (July 18)
Photo: @kendalljenner

Well, where is the most withoutKim Kardashian? Her most popular post on the Net this summer was congratulations on the birthday of her sister Chloe (5.6 million likes).

Just lookwhat heart-rending words she picked up for her beloved relative: “Happy birthday, my favorite soul on the planet, Chloe. This year you showed your strength like no other. I admire how you always follow the call of your heart. I like to see you mom. Let's celebrate your day today! Love you to infinity. "

Kim Kardashian with sister Chloe, 5.6 million likes (June 27)
Photo: @kimkardashian

We have also collected other celebrity rating posts. Immediately after Kim Kardashian is a famous couple -Beyonce and Jay Zat the concert,Jennifer Lopezwith an iron press after a workout,Courtney Kardashianresting on a yacht with her daughter.

By the way, pictures with children are always in demand. So, a lot of "hearts" collectedRosie Huntington-Whiteley, who showed a son, and Timati with a daughter.

Homemade selfies also become hits. Especially if they are laid outTaylor Swift,Lady GagaandMegan Fox.

Played for the benefit of the stars and the World Cup: snapshotAlessandra AmbrosioAt the stadium collected more than 500 thousand likes. A joint frameIrina Shayk, Natasha Poly and Natalia Vodianovawhile watching a match - more than 700 thousand.

If you remember our other celebrities, it is worth notingKsenia Borodinwith husband,Olga Buzovawho received a music awardNastya Ivleevawith boyfriend aldjem.

Not without frank shotssisters Hadid- Gigi and Bella and of courseEmily Ratakovski.

See all photos in the gallery below.

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