3D Chessboard

We make a multi-level3D chessboard of wooden blocksof different heights, which will be overwhelming and will take a worthy place in your interior. As well as playing on a multi-level chessboard, you not only feel the game in a new way, but develop new skills in yourself, because the game will be very different from playing on a regular board.

Materials and tools:

  1. layout layout of blocks;
  2. square wooden bars;
  3. saw, sandpaper
  4. pencil and ruler;
  5. carpenter's glue;
  6. blowtorch or paint and brush.


Step 1

Take a square timber and saw off blocks of the board from it according to the scheme. In the diagram, the highest block is designated by the number "1" and then descending to the smallest - "7". The difference in height between the nearest blocks (for example, "1" and "2") is 1.5-2 cm. In total, 64 blocks should turn out.

The width of the timber can be any and is limited only by the width of the chessboard you wish to receive. Sincethe width of the board consists of eight blocks.

When all the blocks are ready, sand them well with sandpaper. Then we put the blocks on a flat surface and level the height of the same blocks of the board.

Step 2

We will make a preliminary assembly of the chessboard according to the layout, in order to eliminate all the shortcomings in advance and to make no mistakes during the painting.

Step 3

It remains to select the black blocks. We take a blowtorch and burn the surface of the necessary blocks of the board. There is a simpler option: paint the necessary blocks with black paint.

We assemble the chessboard by gluing the blocks together to the table joints.

Also on top of the chessboard can be covered with furniture varnish.

AllMulti-Level Chessboardis ready.

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