3D crystal - a living reflection of happy memories

The eve of holidays makes running around the gift shops in search of beautiful, useful and remarkable gizmos. But that gift is good, which accommodates a part of the donor’s soul, and will illuminate the hero of the occasion with its radiant warmth every day. That is why portraits, memorable photos in beautiful frames and souvenirs that carry the energy of pleasant memories are the best gifts. But they have already begun to be perceived as mundane, since they are deprived of their individuality. Meanwhile, it is easy to make even a simple photo a truly exclusive souvenir, as described in detail here http://crystallica.com.ua/.

A carefully crafted technology of transferring 2D images to 3D format allows you to give any photo three-dimensionality, firmness and a beautiful crystal "wrapper." The procedure for creating a 3D crystal involves several basic steps - this is the adjustment of the selected photo to the desired size,transformation of the bitmap image into a multi-layered one, imparting the desired shape to the crystal and applying the obtained cloud of points onto it by laser engraving. You can pre-process the photo so that decorative elements - snowflakes, hearts, rays, etc., are added. Along with the photo, it is easy to put the text in a beautiful curly font, decorating a chic gift with a sincere wish. Such a gift would be appropriate for any celebration, starting with the New Year and ending with the Valentine's Day, because the crystal can be given any shape - circle, heart, polyhedron up to unusual figures of an apple or a star. Moreover, drawing pictures and text is possible even on the smallest crystals, thanks to which you can decorate a pendant or a key chain. Even a simple keychain on car keys with the logo of your favorite brand will be a very pleasant surprise for a man. A beautiful crystal in the shape of a heart will appreciate the romantic girls. Thus, a 3D crystal breathes life into every photo, therefore it looks like a piece of a bright soul of a donor. The cost of creating a 180-degree 3D crystal is determined by its size and complexity of 3D modeling, but this gift is within the affordability for each.Products with multiple faces on the borders will play beautifully in sunlight. And, using an additional LED backlight, you can add an interesting and necessary color background to the 3D image. All this allows us to add sophistication and eternity to that happy moment that was captured by the camera. After all, this image is not subject to aging, and will be a worthy decoration for any home.

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