3d printing to order: the best materials and technologies

Nothing expands the boundaries of what is possible like a 3d print.Not so long ago, it seemed unrealistic to print a three-dimensional part on a printer from different materials. Today, three-dimensional printing technology opens up new horizons. First of all, it is an opportunity to create a wide variety of products from steel, polymers, gypsum and other materials. 3d printing on order allows you to implement the most daring projects - from decorative items to jewelry.

Three-dimensional printing can be done using different materials, but the most common are five of them:

  • polyamide;
  • gypsum;
  • aluminum;
  • steel;
  • photopolymer.

It is these materials that possess the necessary qualities and aesthetic properties for printing, allowing you to create beautiful and unique objects.

If you need 3d printing of the finest elements. polyamide is most suitable for this purpose.It is a white granular nylon powder, which, if necessary, can be painted in a different color. These granules are used for printing on the technology of selective sintering by laser.

The bulk model is layer-by-layer created by the action of laser beams, resulting in a material that has not only strength, but also flexibility. Before proceeding with a serial order, 3d prototyping is carried out - making a model of a part or product that allows you to detect and eliminate shortcomings even before the production of the item begins.

Gypsum is the only existing material that makes it possible to print volumetric objects in the most realistic way. At the same time, the resolution of the color model will be at least 600x540 pixels per inch. Products made of gypsum have rigidity, hardness, but require careful handling because they are fragile enough. If realistic 3d printing is needed, gypsum can also be used. Statuettes, architectural compositions, various figures are usually made from it.

Steel is most often used to create various ornaments.This is the most durable and wear-resistant material. Printing technology is that the layers of steel are glued to each other with a special adhesive, and then placed in the oven. At very high temperatures, the glue burns out, firmly gluing steel, and in its place there are voids, which are then filled with bronze.

Aluminum caused by mixing polyamide and aluminum, or rather, their dust. Most often, jewelry is made from it.

Photopolymer is similar to plastic, but it is more durable, smooth and can be used in different industries: medicine, dentistry and others.

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