4 great ways to breathe new life into heeled shoes

You can talk for a long time about the dangers of high-heeled shoes and give preference to old comfortable gym shoes. But even with the most ardent adherents of shoes on a flat course, at least one pair of not very comfortable, but such beautiful “stilettos” is stored somewhere. And if this pair also makes you feel more or less comfortable, then there is no price for it at all!

Sometimes such shoes are so long in the wardrobe of their hostess that they manage to almost go out of fashion. In another case, the woman manages to find a good combination of comfort, quality and price, but the shoes seem too boring and simple. And sometimes, the soul just asks for something new without much financial investment.

1. Heel in diamonds

Rhinestones glued to the upper part of the heel will add spice to classic shoe.

For work it is better to use a transparent glue, which will not leave unnecessary marks upon drying. Rhinestones better to attach with tweezers.

Glass rhinestones look much more profitable than plastic. It is often cheaper to buy ready-made jewelery and disassemble it into parts than to purchase the decor in the hardware stores.

Work will look neater if you use rhinestones of different sizes. At first, larger elements are glued, then - smaller ones.

If necessary, remove traces of glue, and then leave the shoes until completely dry.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Shoes

The Mediterranean coast offers to forget about modesty and immerse yourself in luxury with your head. Lace, rhinestones, sequins - more and more, and then add more! Elements of different texture in the golden range are well complemented by gems.

3. Anthracite gloss

Normal heel will shine with new colors, if you decorate it with beads. The surface to be decorated should be completely covered with glue, and then put on the fittings. It is best to use the decor of deep saturated colors, differing from the basic color of the shoes only in a few shades. Such a design can save the heel, the coating on which is damaged.

4. More shine!

Shoes designed for a solemn occasion can be decorated not only in the heel. Suede shoes look great with small rhinestones, glued to the heel.It is better to use jewelry of small size, because, unlike the heel, this area is more mobile, and requires particularly reliable fixation.

In the back of shoes, rhinestones are glued to the entire surface, and closer to the center, their concentration is best done less often.

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