4 ways to increase the space of a small kitchen


When choosing the color of the kitchen is to stop the attention on the bright colors. They reflect light and visually make more tiny space. In order for the design to be more diverse and interesting, it is necessary to add bright accents. Using more than two colors is not the best option. This will visually reduce the kitchen. It is necessary to do the finishing with extreme care, in order not to accidentally load the room with unnecessary elements. Small touches of dull color will expand the space. The details should not be too much, otherwise the kitchen will lose a neat look and become small and cumbersome.


Light plays almost the main role in the expansion of space. A large amount of street light and lighting will make the kitchen more spacious and comfortable. LED backlighting will also help. Do not close the windows with heavy dark curtains. It is better to use a light curtain.Light should be made diffused. It also visually expands the boundaries of the kitchen.


The selection of furniture for the kitchen should be given special attention. It is best to give preference to furniture to match the walls. Bright furniture will look bulky and visually occupy the space of the room. A round table would be an excellent option. It takes up less space than square. You can also use a folding table. It will save space and make the kitchen more visually.


Decorating the kitchen with a picture, you need to hang it just below or above the center. It is also possible to place pictures on top of each other. This will increase the space of a small room. Do not decorate the kitchen with bulky plants or bouquets. Make your choice in favor of bright pots with greens. They fit perfectly and add coziness to the kitchen. Being the owner of a small kitchen is not easy. But knowing certain rules and tricks, you can visually enlarge the space, and even make the kitchen cozy.

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