5 crazy interior design ideas invented by customers

Each interior designer at least once faced with unusual, surprising and creative wishes of customers. Designers of the online household services service YouDo.com shared the strangest ideas of their customers. By the way, all these ideas were brought to life.

Alice in Wonderland

Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com
Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com

The history of the designer Neli Rumyantseva

A young girl bought an apartment in a modern residential complex and asked to come up with an interior in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”.

As a result, all her furniture was more like art objects than sofas and wardrobes: an emerald-colored armchair, lingonberry-red curtains and a red “fake” wardrobe, in which the pull-out bed actually hides. All this is vintage or antique.

The apartment as a whole looks strangely fabulous. In the keyhole of each door there is an old key sticking out, and three doors lead to the bathroom: standard, smaller and very small, like a rabbit hole. One of the walls is decorated with a rabbit from Tim Burton’s movie printed on photo wallpapers.Even in the apartment there is a special area with a collection of hats, which the girl loves very much, decorative cups and teapots, referring to the Mad Hatter and the tea-drinking scene.

The walls are painted in a neutral color so that bright furniture and decorative elements look good against their background. For the same reason, the ceiling was left concrete, without finishing. Chandelier, stylized antique, made to order.

Another oddity: there is no stove in the kitchen, because the girl does not cook.

Internet repair

Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com

The history of designer Elena Nikolaeva

Somehow a girl who lives in China contacted me. She is Russian, it just happened. The girl bought a one-room apartment for rent in Moscow. In order not to waste time on maintenance of the repair, she decided to control it remotely and arrive after finishing all the work in order to rent the finished apartment. She planned a trip to Russia in a month. To meet the deadline, it was necessary to carry out repairs in parallel with the development and approval of the design project.

While the workers were removing the old finish, they did the project for a bathroom - this is the most complex knot in the apartment. Then the builders were engaged in the bathroom, preparing the projects of the rest of the premises.The starting point of the interior design project was the kitchen; it was selected from the ready-made exhibition samples of various companies. The progress of work showed the hostess in the messenger - everything turned out, despite the five-hour time difference.

By the arrival of the hostess, we finished the finish and bought most of the furniture. For a week, the furniture was assembled and installed. The apartment has safely found its tenants.

Fit all

Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com
Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com

The history of designer Elena Nikolaeva

To fit three beds in one very small, poorly designed room by the developer, the customer thought up to put a wardrobe in front of the bed.

With such an arrangement, a passage of only 40 cm remained between them. On the plan it looked normal, but in life the mistress would constantly touch the furniture and feel herself in a tiny “box”. The problem was solved elementary: we swapped the bedroom from the living room.

In a small bathroom in addition to the basic equipment required to place a washing machine. The hostess wanted to install it under the sink, but did not know that the machine for such a case is needed lower than usual. If you install a machine of standard height, you will have to hang the sink above and it will be inconvenient to use it.Fortunately, I was able to advise her on a suitable option before the purchase.

Space in the pool

Photo: Courtesy of YouDo.com

The history of designer Elena Romanova

The client ordered a design project of a guest house on a country site. Wishing to surprise friends, I asked to come up with a swimming pool decoration in a space theme: to lay out the walls with a dark blue mosaic with stars or planets.

When discussing the project, his wife offered to unite the wishes of her husband and little daughter and put Alice and Gromozek on the walls of the “cosmic” pool of the characters of the cartoon “Secrets of the Third Planet”. However, the head of the family decided that the child would grow up quickly and better to make a mosaic with images of the planet Earth and the space station.

After counted the cost of finishing. The mosaic is completely selected and laid out manually or comes to the customer already printed on a roll. In both cases, the idea was too expensive, and the customer refused it. The finished interior has an oval poker table in the living room and a granite-trimmed basement for pickles.

Repair in economy mode

Photo: GettyImages

Stories of the architect Vasily Veselov

In my practice, there was an extreme case in terms of the budget allocated for repairs: the customer was a family of artists, and they had very little money. I had to invent an apartment-workshop: the walls were not plastered, but simply blew out of the spray gun; the electrician was pulled open in the corrugation so as not to shave the walls; the floor was not leveled, logs were laid, and wooden boards were placed on them. The only bathroom tiled in all the rules. As a result, the interior has acquired its charm, and the family was pleased.

There is another story about the budget repair. The customer decided to repair the apartment for delivery of materials that remained after previous repairs. In the course went the rolls of wallpaper, stored for years, and the remnants of tiles from different collections, differing in size, thickness and color. To avoid surprises, we laid out the future pattern of the tile right on the floor. The master who performed the work was not happy, but he coped with the task. The apartment gave up quickly - people fell in love with an unusual finish.

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