5 steps to choosing bar furniture for the kitchen

The modern world is full of kitchen novelties. The equipment and the interior no longer have a purpose to simply surprise the guests. In a different way, they refer to the bar counters. Gone are the days of monopolies on them by bars and cafes. Now, bar counters are installed in home kitchens. Their convenience and beauty unusually emphasize the design of the premises. Especially high they are appreciated by the owners of small kitchens, in which the usual dining table is simply nowhere to be placed.

A special role in the bar organization of home cooking is played by chairs, more information about bar furniture you can find here. They essentially differ from family furniture classics, without them bar counters lose the beauty and the finished look. Experts recommend 5 steps to select kitchen bar stools.

1. Determining the height of the bar.
The altitude approach is narrowly functional: you only need to measure the height of the seat from the floor and do it right: so that you can have a comfortable dinner, drink tea and just sit on them.
The classic style requires suitable chairs. The domestic market offers mostly wooden with a seat of leather or thick fabric. They have four legs, a back, and sometimes even armrests.
If preference is given to a more modern design, then you can purchase any chairs, except classic ones. And there is a place to turn around to the aesthetic vision of the interior and design ideas about comfort.
3. Understanding the design of chairs.
It’s necessary to understand how often and for a long time this piece of bar furniture will have to be used.
Material. Many of its species look very beautiful and rich, but the practice quickly convinces of the fragility of the finish.If there are people in the house with a lot of weight or restless children, then they recommend choosing more reliable material.
Runing. Without this nuance, the chair simply cannot exist, so there is no point in considering another option. The position of the feet should not limit the movement of the hands.
Support. The most convenient and safest option - chairs with four legs. In a family, uneven-aged households tend to differ in height, so professionals recommend taking chairs with height adjustment.
Back. If bar stools are rarely used and more serve as a beautiful element of decor, then you can choose any design. But if every day at the bar will take family food, it is important - to make this place comfortable and safe. Therefore, the back should be required, and the armrests - at the discretion of the owners.
Upholstery. This question is completely dependent on user preferences. You can choose beauty and sit on solid acrylic chairs.And you can sacrifice style and enjoy soft seats.
4. Determining the color gamut.
Everything should be in harmony with the kitchen and other details in the house. The design can be chrome, gold or bronze. But for the color of the seat, you can include all the power of fantasy. There are no bans. But an irresponsible whim should not destroy the general style.
5. A feeling of comfort.

The most important thing in choosing chairs for a bar counter is, of course, comfort. You will have to sit down, relax and understand whether you like to sit on it and whether you want to spend time drinking a cup of tea in such a bar stool. If yes, steps are enough: should be taken!

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