5 things- "vampires" in the house, taking away health and strength

The ancients believed that the house is a place of power that fills the owners with positive energy, relieves fatigue and gives a sense of security. However, the dwelling of a modern person is more often like a warehouse of unnecessary purchases, which take away strength and cause diseases. How to clean the space from household "vampires"?

Unhappy dress - out of sight!

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that have not been lucky for you several times in a row, get rid of them without any pity. Unloved dress, uncomfortable jeans, albeit very expensive, will again and again attract trouble into your life. And all because any thing keeps human energy for many years.

It is also useful to throw away folded and long-forgotten clothing on entresol. Trash in the house litters not only space, but also your thoughts, does not allow to develop, prevents positive changes in life.

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Debris on the balcony - to poverty

Many people store cardboard boxes of household appliances, empty bottles, old magazines, broken tape recorders on the balconies ... They hope to put all this in the dumpster by the summer, and they involuntarily incur moneylessness. Yes, rubles and dollars also have energy, and it is absolutely not comparable with the energy of garbage. In other words, money loves purity, beauty and harmony; they do not come to the house where despondency and ruin reign. Disassemble the old rubble in the pantry and on the balcony, and you immediately feel the influx of positive energy.

Not all flowers are equally useful.

In terms of design, dry and artificial flowers adorn the interior. But according to experts Feng Shui, this beauty can be costly for the inhabitants of the home. It is believed that these bouquets accumulate negative energy and adversely affect the health of the hosts. Inanimate flowers seem to suck the energy of life and youth from the surrounding space, deprive you of strength and take vigor.

Rubles and dollars also have energy, and it is absolutely not comparable with the energy of garbage

Pay attention to fresh flowers.Ivy, for example, contributes to the relationship of family couples, cacti provoke rigidity, and yucca and monstera absorb too much oxygen, creating a suffocating effect. Use plants with positive energy: Spathiphyllum is called the flower of female happiness, it helps to gain and preserve love, and the sweetie (money tree) helps to improve well-being.

Gifts ex pushes new love

If you have not been able to meet new love for a long time, conduct an audit in the cabinets and on the shelves. Look for souvenirs, books, and photos from your ex-men. Often it is these things that keep you in the past, do not allow you to move on, fall in love with a pure heart and bring new suitor to your home. Especially heavy energy possessed souvenirs donated by unpleasant people with whom you broke up not very well. That is why after the end of a relationship it’s better to give it back or throw it away.

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Grandmother's coat in the house is not the place?

Everyone knows that it is dangerous to keep things of the dead in the house. Not only do they attract the souls of the departed, they can also seriously harm the health of living people.That is why the bed linen and clothes of deceased relatives can be distributed or thrown out. But what to do with valuable things that ancestors bequeathed by inheritance? How to part with expensive equipment, jewelry, fur coats of grandmothers and aunts? The answer to this question is simple: wait a couple of months after the funeral and watch your feelings. It is believed that the soul of the deceased leaves this world after forty days. If you do not feel anything bad, leave things in the house and every time you touch them, remember the deceased relative with love and gratitude. If you notice that the state of health has deteriorated, and the mood becomes worse every day, get rid of the "inheritance" as soon as possible.

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