5 unexpected properties of chicken eggs

According to scientists, omelette not only reduces the risk of cancer, but also leads to loss of excess weight ...

It seems that not a single product is spoken of so much as about eggs ... It is a favorite protein of athletes and all those who lose weight. And at the same time, those who in the mornings like to have breakfast somewhere in the Patriarch's Ponds in the European manner.

In the meantime, since the Soviet times, grandmothers frighten us that eggs cause allergies and are generally unsafe. Like, eggs benedict - is nothing like a strawberry salmonellosis. There is so much controversy that even the scientific minds took up the study.

And voila! They came to the conclusion that eggs can be eaten and even needed!

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The daily rate of eggs, according to scientists (of course, British) - 2−3 pieces per person. And if you follow this ideal proportion, then you yourself will not notice how quickly your body responds with good health.

Vision is maintained thanks to lutein

New studies have shown that chicken eggs contain large amounts of lutein. This substance is responsible for clear and sharp eyesight.With its deficit, destructive changes in the tissues of the eye accumulate and vision deteriorates irreversibly, the Daily Mail writes.

Vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed

If you offer a choice: drink a spoonful of fish oil or eat a boiled egg, the vast majority would prefer the latter. Especially if it finds out that the content of vitamin D is the same in both cases.

Well, we know about its benefits from school. It helps to absorb calcium, strengthens the bones and teeth of a person.

Helps to lose weight

Yes, yes, you heard right ... Eating eggs for breakfast, you lose weight without a gym and other activities. Do not expect an instant effect, however, when combining a low-calorie diet and eating chicken eggs, weight loss occurs 2 times faster.

In addition, the eggs are very satisfying, which means that you will not run for a donut at the very first working break.

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Will help get pregnant!

Just do not laugh, but the product is useful in affairs amorous. And this found a very scientific explanation.

�Another name for vitamin B9 contained in a product is folic acid. With its help, red blood cells are formed, the fetal neural tube is formed, the risk of mental retardation of the child is reduced, �experts say.

Slow down skin aging

And, really, not eggs, but some kind of �elixir of eternal youth� is obtained ... However, according to the latest research, pigmentation spots disappeared in 87% of women from 35 to 40 years old, skin tightened, and fine wrinkles around the eyes noticeably smoothed over men.

Expert comment

- Eggs - a product, certainly, useful. Another question is that there should be a measure in everything. And a healthy diet is a varied diet, the therapist Guzel Abdullina shares with Wday.ru. - Eating only eggs for breakfast can cause food allergies, an unpleasant rash will appear. If today you have eaten three eggs, then tomorrow limit yourself to one and supplement the diet, for example, with delicious porridge with fruit. I assure you, no less good in cereals.

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