6 beautiful carpets with your own hands! Interesting ideas

 Carpet from old things

A great excuse to get out of the closet and get rid of old clothes.

Woven rug
This bright piece of decor will surely decorate any room in the house!

Making such a carpet is a very exciting process!

Bright woven rug made of rope and wool
Cardboard, scissors, a rope and a yarn of different thickness - everything, that is necessary for weaving such magic carpet.

Luxury openwork carpets
This handmade carpet will decorate any interior. A carpet with a diameter of 80 cm will require about 700 grams of yarn.

A little patience - and voila, an exclusive decor item is ready!

Carpet from multi-colored pompons
This soft and fluffy rug will be an excellent complement to a bedroom or children's room.

Making pompons with your own hands is a snap. You can play with colors and sizes to make the rug extraordinary!

Stylish round rope rug

It is very simple to make such practical rug with your own hands.And most importantly, there is little cost and the thing will turn out exclusive!

Do not be lazy and be sure to use one of the ideas, and maybe all at once.

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