6 beautiful climbing plants will decorate your home better than any decor

Looking for a climbing plant that would create a pleasant shade in the garden in hot summer, but at the same time allow the sun to penetrate the site in winter? Then we suggest you to pay attention to these 6 unpretentious plants that do not need special, specific conditions for life and rapid growth.


Hot pink, pinkish red or orange color of bougainvillea will decorate your home better than any decor. This is a fast growing plant that requires very little care. You can plant it in a good soil in a pot and put it in a sunny place next to the supporting structure - then it will certainly please you with its colorful flowering.


It is an ideal potted garden plant. Clematis is a hardy liana with a large number of gorgeous colors of different shades: from pale and white to rich and deep tones.He also easily and comfortably feels in a pot.


This is one of the universal plants for pots. Ivy adapts to a wide variety of surfaces. In addition, this is an evergreen plant, which means that even in winter it will delight you with bright leaves.


Its less popular name is Morning Glory. This is an extremely beautiful plant of the Vyunkov family. The surface of the plant is decorated with graceful tubular flowers of violet, blue, magenta, pink or white. In height ipomoea reaches 15 meters.


Angel Trumpet is another great candidate for the role of a climbing plant in your garden! This original liana throws out flowers of orange, red and yellow color, and therefore with success will decorate your house. By the way, she feels great in a pot and easily tolerates wintering.


The selection is completed by a stately representative of curly shrubs - honeysuckle. Sweet nectar and honey aroma will attract beautiful birds and butterflies to your site, and the plant itself will amazingly decorate any unsightly corner.

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