60 modern tiny huts in which you want to hide from the bustle of the metropolis

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Miniature huts have been in demand for many decades, but in recent years they have really come to the fore. As the genius architectFrank Lloyd Wright, who was able to so harmoniously merge the Japanese aesthetics of simplicity and minimalism with the achievements of European architecture:

“There should be as many house styles as there are different people. A person who has a personality has the right to express himself in his own environment "

In modern tiny homes, the interaction of objects in space becomes a dance of subtle beauty. Light and shadow also play a big role. All items are ordered, creating a feeling of harmony, openness of space and tranquility.

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Perhaps one of the reasons why minimalist architecture has become so popular lately is that the trend towards tiny homes is growing. On a crowded planet, it is vital for us to find a way to retire in our small hut far from crowded megacities.

There are a lot of hut designs that demonstrate minimalism at its best.

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