7 most popular exotic houseplants

Do you like indoor plants, but do not know which flower to start to buy? Or maybe you already have your own collection of indoor plants and you want to add something exotic to it?

The choice of exotic indoor plants today is very large. Already, any flower shop boasts a great variety of such wonderful plants as an orchid or a money tree, or lemon, and even pomegranate. Hostes and in our conditions have learned to care for such exotic plants.

So, if you still decide to purchase a tropical foreigner, then we offer to get acquainted with the most popular plants and find out in what conditions they need to be maintained so that they not only grow, but also bear fruit. We present you the 7 most popular exotic indoor plants.

In the first place - a lemon tree.

7 most popular exotic houseplants

It is the lemon tree that most often dream of buying lovers of exotic potted plants.Lemon is a perennial citrus plant that can be grown at home. With proper care this plant can bloom twice a year and yield from 10 to 60 lemons. It is very entertaining to grow a whole tree from the stone. Grown in the apartment, the lemon can reach a height of 1.5 meters.

After two or three years, some species of this exotic plant begin to bear fruit. Lemon trees should be placed in places where there is no direct sunlight, only diffuse light and necessarily put it in a slightly cool room, in which the air temperature will be from +10 C to +23 C. The lemon tree requires frequent watering, but in no case Do not overwet it. For irrigation only separated water of room temperature is used.

This tropical plant will grow well and bear fruit in a room with high humidity. The tree likes fresh air, so in the summer it is best to keep it on the balcony or terrace.

In second place is a banana tree.

7 most popular exotic houseplants

This tropical palm tree certainly will give your interior unusual and exotic. In addition, it will not reach large sizes, as breeders have already brought out varieties of this tree, adapted for growing in apartments.A banana tree belongs to cold-resistant indoor plants, so it can be maintained in a room with air temperature from +15 C to 30 C. Also, this plant will be better to bear fruit in a room with high humidity. Banana tree can not be overdry. If a clod of the earth dries up, then it must be immediately plentifully watered, otherwise the tree may dry out.

In third place is the date palm.

7 most popular exotic houseplants

In good home conditions and with the right content - this plant can grow to a height of 2 meters. The partial shade would be an ideal place for a date palm. Direct sunlight is contraindicated, they simply destroy the plant. This tropical plant also likes high humidity and abundant watering, although in winter it is necessary to water it a little less than in spring and summer. Palm tree does not tolerate heat, it needs a temperature regime of at least +15 C and no higher than +20 C.

In fourth place - room feijoa.


This plant can now live in your apartment, because breeders brought out a self-pollinating species. Room feijoa will actively grow and bear fruit only in a room with high humidity and subject to abundant watering.If the plant at least a little dry, it almost immediately throws off its leaves and stops growing. Feijoa must be located in a relatively warm, but not hot room, with plenty of light. Feijoa does not tolerate heat, so this plant should be maintained at a temperature not lower than +12 С and not higher than + 22С.

In fifth place is eucalyptus.

7 most popular exotic houseplants

This is one of the unpretentious exotic indoor plants, which practically does not require special care, and also has healing properties, so this plant is very popular with gardeners. Eucalyptus needs a lot of light, it can even be put on a sunny place. Watering this plant should be moderate and only when the soil dries. The humidity of the air for household eucalyptus is not important, as long as the air temperature does not drop below + 10C. With the right content, eucalyptus already in early spring can please with new fragrant green leaves and beautiful flowers.

In sixth place - tea tree.


This exotic plant is ideal for growing at home. It is as unpretentious as eucalyptus, and also has a mass of healing properties.But at the same time gardeners can also drink tea from a couple of freshly picked leaves of this plant. It is not difficult to grow a tea tree bush in an apartment; it is sufficiently watered with room temperature water to be watered and placed in a room with high humidity. To obtain a high-quality harvest, it is necessary to spray the leaves of the tea tree at least twice a week. This plant is thermophilic and hygrophilous, therefore, if the temperature regime exceeds the + 20C mark, it is worth to increase watering.

And in the seventh place is the olive tree.

7 most popular exotic houseplants

This exotic houseplant beats all records for harvesting at home, but this is only with proper and proper care. Ideally, from an olive tree grown in an apartment, you can collect 2 kilograms of olives. This plant is placed in a sunny place. To avoid stagnation of water after watering, the olive tree must be planted in good drainage soil. For active growth and fruiting, an olive tree needs heat, but not heat, therefore, the plant is kept at an air temperature not lower than + 15 ° C and not higher than + 30 ° C.

Enjoy the wonderful world of bright and extremely charming exotic and tropical plants and make sure that they are unpretentious and easy to maintain.

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