7 tips that make washing a pleasure

Despite the fact that today we have shifted most of the washing work to automatic machines, sometimes a laundry day can not do without incidents. Maybe you forgot to unload the wet clothes in time and the smell is worse now than before washing? And maybe a black sock in the drum with light linen? Many of the tragedies of modern washing are not as dramatic as they might seem at first glance! Wrong laundry will not always have to be thrown away. A few tips will help to avoid the nightmares of a big wash, ensuring the freshness and cleanliness of your laundry. And the smell will be great!

1. Get rid of unpleasant smell in a typewriter.

Front-loaded automatic washing machines are firmly established in our everyday life. They use water and electricity economically, and laundry is washed very efficiently. Unfortunately, detergents and air conditioners can accumulate in the compartments for bookmarks and cause the smell of mildew.Do not forget to periodically clean the dispenser tray and compactor gum from household chemical residues manually. You can run the machine on the largest temperature conditions, adding a small amount of vinegar to the water. After that, start two rinsing cycles in a row, and the machine will be like new.

2. wash towels

Due to the fact that towels are often wet, which leads to the growth of bacteria and mold in them. If your towels have lost their freshness and become unpleasant, just wash them in hot water with a glass of vinegar. If after the first wash the smell has not disappeared, repeat the procedure, this time adding half a glass of soda. After such manipulations, the towels will stay fresh for a long time.

3. Clean the drum from ink traces.

A ballpoint pen caught in the drum of a washing machine seems like a disaster. Do you think that now all the laundry will be in blue tracks and nothing can be fixed? After all, all the walls are smeared with ink ... The main thing is not to panic. Empty the drum and try to remove most of the ink with a sponge with an abrasive cleaner. What is left can be wiped with acetone or nail polish remover.After that, simply wash the drum with a sponge dipped in soapy water to remove traces of chemicals. Wash can continue!

4. Remove lipstick marks.

Lipstick, left in the pocket of a blouse, can cause a lot of trouble during washing. Even a hygienic balm can leave traces of fat on things. Having noticed lipstick, first of all, clean the drum from its traces. With the fat that is part of any lip balm, a regular soap will do well. If the traces of colored lipstick on the laundry - you can not do without the use of a special stain remover. It is advisable to start to wash the thing manually, so that the stains do not fall on other clothes, and only then send it to the machine.

5. Restore knit sweater size

So it turned out that you incorrectly washed your favorite woolen sweater, and now it is the fit for a child? Do not rush to give your favorite thing. You can try to stretch the product from wool as follows. Soak the sweater in warm water with the addition of two tablespoons of baby shampoo. Then rinse it in cool water and squeeze a little. Wrap the sweater in a towel to soak the remaining water.Then stretch the thing on the ironing board and press it with some weight. Every few hours sweater need to stretch. When the item is dry, the size will be slightly larger. You can repeat the procedure several times until you get the desired result.

6. Fighting color loss

Often new jeans or T-shirt fade too quickly from washing. Maybe you just picked up the wrong temperature? To wash in hot water, you only need heavily soiled things; cool water will do for everyone else. The optimum temperature for washing everyday clothes is 30 or 40 degrees. Modern detergents are quite capable of coping with medium-intensity pollution at such a temperature. In addition, you save the color and durability of their belongings, save on electricity. And do not forget about the powders for colored linen.

7. When a washing machine breaks ...

If the machine is out of order, and the washing does not tolerate delay, there is one way. And this is not the usual board or hand wash. Simply fill the bucket with dirty laundry, add powder and use a clean plunger. Strange as it may sound, it can be used to rid things of pollution. And while they are dry, immediately call the master!

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