8 horror movies that destroy the psyche

These films will leave an unpleasant aftertaste for a long time and will provide you with sleepless nights.

Every year there are new horror stories, and. it would seem that one can only laugh at the attempts of directors to frighten the sophisticated viewer. But there are films that do not want to revise. And you just want to forget!


Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

United States, 2011

Producer- James Van

Cast- Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson

Phobia:childhood fears

Director James Wan recognized the real master of horror. He managed to make one of the worst horror films, which impressed even the most capricious fans of the genre. James played on children's fears - the beech tree under the bed and in the closet, which tries to jump out and grab you by the leg, angry ghosts in the mirrors, terrifying squeaks and sounds, clawed handprints - all this frightened adults, who involuntarily remembered their own children's fears . The film gained an army of fans, and after the premiere of the first part three more came out.So, now in theaters is the fourth film of the terrible saga - this time the psychic Alice and her colleagues help the girl who is trying to lime a terrible demon.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

United States, 1984

Producer- Wes Craven

Cast- Robert Englund

Phobia:sleep phobia - fear of falling asleep and not waking up

If you suffer from insomnia, and making preparations for bed is like a magical ritual with herbal tea or warm milk, then the cult horror movie of Wes Craven will only aggravate the situation. After the premiere of the first part of the film back in 1984, the impressed audience was literally afraid to fall asleep. It's funny, but even adults scared the opportunity to see Freddy Kruger in a dream! The branded glove with iron claws, by the way, appeared not just like that. The master of horror director Craven studied primal fears, talked with experts and psychologists and found out that teeth and claws inspire terror to all people. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was the first foreign horror film for inexperienced Soviet viewers. Even the children had time to look at the scarecrow about the American babuka-Kruger. And in vain.In 2010, an attempt was made to reshoot the cult horror movie, but the actor Jackie Erle Haley failed to beat old man Robert Inglund.

"Buried alive"

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

United States, 1990

Producer- Rodrigo Cortez

Cast- Ryan Reynolds


A nightmare for all claustrophobes. The film takes place in one, so to speak, room - or rather, in a coffin. The hero of Ryan Reynolds with horror finds himself buried alive, the saving mobile phone is ready to be discharged, and the poor fellow has less and less time and air. Looking at the experiences of the hero in a confined space, you begin to unwittingly panic, imagining what you yourself would have done if you were in his place. The film looks at one go and I want to believe that everything will end well and the hero will be able to escape from captivity. But the ending is completely unpredictable.

"Fear of spiders"

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

United States, 1990

Producer- Frank Marshall

Cast- Jeff Daniels and Harley Jane Kozak


One of the first films about killer spiders will tickle nerves to everyone who treats insects with fear.Fear of spiders - arachnophobia, by the way, is one of the most common phobias, and not only impressionable girls, but also brutal men are subject to it. And the horror film itself only emphasized that the spiders fully justify their intimidating appearance. If you shudder to imagine how hordes of cute spiders attack unsuspecting people, then think about whether you should watch this movie.

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