9 performers we know one by one

One-day musicians on the Russian stage are many, you will remember - you do not remember. But some of them were even lucky; they sang a hit.

How does fame usually come? Banal, easy-to-remember rhymes easily lay down on the pleasant music for the heart, the song was lost on all channels, and now it has already become loved by millions. The artist thinks that now he has become an idol forever, but, unfortunately, the second such song does not fall out to him.

Group "Masha and the Bears"

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The song "Lyubochka" in school and club discos did not dance just lazy. So she was groovy and simple. And how all the Lyubki were proud, especially since the name has never been very popular. There is a possibility that the fans of the group called so newborn daughters. Or maybe later they sang the hit of the 90s?

The group �Masha and the Bears� appeared in 1997 and immediately fired its first hit, rising to the top of imaginable and inconceivable charts. The group tried to repeat the success of �Lyuba� with the help of the next single �Reykjavik�, but the applause was not so loud anymore.

The guys, by the way, still work and write songs.However, while the second �Lyubochki� is not in their repertoire.

Vyacheslav Bykov

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Remember this artist? No? And the song "My favorite"? Yes, yes, she is the one, the one that was awarded the personal prize of our pop diva Alla Pugacheva.

This romantic, touching for the soul melody in 1997 was a favorite among the ballads, and its author became a famous and recognizable musician, without whom no party could do then. They say that he later had wonderful songs, but probably not so popular anymore, so we don�t remember them.

Yura Shatunov

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�Tender May� released 23 albums during its existence. The success of the teenage team was incredible, and so far no one can repeat their story. Almost every third Russian was at their concerts in different years of the group�s existence. And everyone at least once sang their hits.

A year before the collapse of the group, the main soloist Yury Shatunov left her. The singer decided to get a profession as a sound engineer and moved to live in Germany.

In 1992 he began a solo career and one after another he recorded songs, released albums, but few of them know his current repertoire.The highest grossing album of the singer was the one on which he re-recorded the hits of past years �Gray Night�, �Childhood�, �Pink Evening�.

Group demo

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Remember, �Fire makes friends with the rain, we will do it together�? Yes, this well-known song "Sun" of the Russian pop group, which was born in the late 90s, still continues to gather rooms and tour in Russia, Asia, the CIS countries and Europe.

Most likely, ardent fans of the team know their entire repertoire by heart and are happy to sing all the songs. But those who are not interested in pop music associate Demo exclusively with �Sunshine�.

This masterpiece, we note, has long kept on the �100-pood hit� charts, as already under its first chords, the imagination drew incredibly romantic pictures and carried it into the world of love and dreams.

Alice Mon

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An extravagant woman who loves all the beautiful and exclusive, sang just one noticeable song about jewelry. Well, of course, she hooked us, because it was about nothing but a diamond. And, of course, about love.

Made with this hit Mon back in 1998. And this period is called the second wave of popularity of the performer.For the first time about her talking after the release of the song "Plantain". But most now do not remember.

Natalia Sturm

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There are already six albums in her portfolio! What did she sing about? We, frankly, only know the "School affair." Actually, like everyone. It was with this song that the singer was remembered by the public.

At the musical Olympus, Natalia was not for long. Then, when the glory of the first song did not repeat, she began to play in the movies and write novels. Education, by the way allows. Sturm graduated from the Department of Bibliography of Literature and Art at the Moscow State Institute of Culture. Yet it is useful to have a spare profession!

Larisa Chernikova

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The cassette with the songs of Larisa Chernikova, no doubt, all the girls from the 90s listened. And those who had a guy named Dima knew by heart the words of the hit �Plane in Love�. A lot of time has passed since then, the singer managed to release several more albums, but most still know the star exclusively from the verse �I love you, Dima�.


Photo: Tyutin Mikhail / PhotoXPress.ru

�Crow� of Russian pop music has become a pioneer in the genre of trip-rock.This is the direction that her work belongs to fans. Although creativity is not particularly. Bursting into the hearts of his hit "I'm a crow," Linda just as quickly and flew away.

She really was a litmus test for Russian pop music and the entire beau monde, not like anyone, original in her work and in her image. At first, the singer collaborated and was friends with Maxim Fadeev. It was he who was with her when the stadiums roared, and the people swept the riot police, like toy soldiers, in wanting to break through to the body of Linda.

The album "Crow" in its time sold an incredible circulation of 1.5 million copies. But the following projects of the singer were not so successful.

But who knows, maybe it is better to come and express yourself with one song that contemporaries, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will sing, than to torment the viewer with their creativity for years.

Kai Metov

Photo: Olga Zinovskaya / Legion-Media

The artist is recognized as one of the brightest symbols of the 90s. Largely due to its business card "Position number 2". This song was not the first in his musical career, before her he sang �Mom! I want to be a pioneer and broken glass.

The musician was loved not only by the audience, but also by his colleagues in the workshop,He constantly took part in various television programs, at the same time wrote songs and was engaged in charity.

He released his latest album �Catch the Moment� in 2017. Kai Metov is a hard-working musician, but he hasn�t yet performed the song cooler �Position No. 2�.

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