A bit of exotic: chicken wings with pineapples and potatoes

An exotic trio of chicken wings, pineapple and potatoes is perfect for a festive dinner. The unusual combination of rich meat taste with fruit sweetness seems unusual only at first glance, and then captivates with a rich palette of taste.
Chicken wings
Chicken Wings with Pineapples
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Juicy chicken wings in spicy-sweet sauce with french fries

Ingredients: - 10 chicken wings; - 300 g canned pineapples; - 6-7 medium potato tubers; - 150 g apple jam; - 200 g soft cheese; - 2 tbsp. acute horseradish; - 1 tbsp. mustard; - 0.5 tsp. red pepper; - pinch of black pepper; - salt; - vegetable oil.

Inspect the wings before cooking; remove fluff and feathers, if necessary. Then rinse and dry.

Rub the chicken wings with salt and black pepper. Grease the heat-resistant form with vegetable oil, place the chicken in it and cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 ° C.For the sauce, whip in a blender soft cheese, apple jam and 2–3 tbsp. pineapple syrup along with horseradish, mustard and red pepper. Add fruit to this mass, mix and fill the baked wings. Cover them with a sheet of foil and put in the heat for another 30 minutes, increasing the temperature to 220 ° C.

Before sprinkling french fries with salt, turn it into dust in a coffee grinder or mortar, and then it won't crumble off a crispy straw.

Wash the potatoes, cut off the peel and cut into large strips. Dry it well with a towel so that there is no moisture left, then the fries will be crispy. Pour vegetable oil in a saucepan with a two-centimeter layer, bring to a boil and put the first portion of potatoes in it. Fry fries until golden brown, remove with a slotted spoon, pour into a colander and “powder” a pinch of salt. Repeat the operation until all the potatoes are ready. Transfer the meat and side dish to a large platter and serve with greens and fresh salad.

Baked chicken wings with pineapple and potatoes in honey sauce

Ingredients: - 1 kg of chicken wings; - 1 jar of canned pineapple slices (250 g); - 500 g of potatoes; - 1 onion; - 2 tbsp. honey; - 3 tbsp.soy sauce without additives; - 0.5 tsp. salts; - 0.5 tsp. curry powder; - 30 g butter.

Cut each wing into three pieces. Put the large pieces in a deep bowl, throw away the tips or leave to cook meat and bone broth. Slightly heat the honey, combine it with soy sauce, 50 ml of canned pineapple juice and curry. Pour the chicken with the spicy-sweet mixture and leave for an hour. After 50 minutes, start heating the oven to 220 ° C.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into 0.5–1 cm thick slices, mix with finely chopped onion. Sprinkle vegetables with salt, mix with hands and spread evenly on a greased baking sheet with butter. Remove the wings from the bowl and lay them on this pillow. Cover them with pineapple slices and pour the marinade remaining in the bowl. Put the baking tray in the oven for 25–30 minutes, then turn the wings over and bake them for another 15–20 minutes. Put the finished dish in a deep bowl.

Fried chicken wings with pineapple and country-style potatoes

Ingredients: - 8 large chicken wings; - 1 can of preserved pineapples; - 6 medium young potatoes; - 1 each of sweet pepper of green and red color; - 40 g of ginger root; - 5 tbsp. soy sauce; - 2 tbsp. apple vinegar; - 2 tbsp. non-spicy ketchup; - 1 tbsp.without slides of white sugar; - 1.5 tbsp. starch; - on a pinch of black, white and red ground peppers; - 0.5 tsp. ground paprika; - 0.5 tsp. dry rosemary; - salt; - vegetable oil.

Fold the wings in a deep dish of small diameter. Mix 3 tbsp. soy sauce with rosemary and 1 tbsp. starch and pour this marinade chicken for half an hour. Rinse the potatoes well, cut into large longitudinal slices, put the skin in the form upwards, sprinkle with two pinches of salt, ground paprika and a mixture of peppers. Cook in the oven at 200 ° C for 20-25 minutes. Turn off the oven, leaving the potatoes in it.

Pour 50 ml of vegetable oil into the pan, heat and transfer the marinated wings into it. Quickly fry them on both sides for a minute and add 2 tbsp. water. After another minute, reduce the heat to medium, cover the dishes with a lid and simmer the wings for 15–20 minutes, turning the pieces from time to time. Place a saucepan with a small amount of oil on the next burner. Throw in the ginger, cut into fine strips. Peel the peppers, cut into small cubes and attach to the ginger. Stir vegetables with a wooden spatula.

Baked chicken wings with pineapple and potatoes
Baked chicken wings with pineapple and potatoes
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Put the pineapples in a colander and drain the juice, then send them to the stewpot. Cook a fruit and vegetable platter for 2–3 minutes. Pour it with vinegar, ketchup and 2 tbsp. soy sauce sprinkle with sugar. Do not forget to stir the mixture regularly, otherwise it will burn. Dilute 0.5 tbsp. starch in a spoonful of water and put in the sauce. Let it boil, reduce the heat to minimum and put chicken wings in a saucepan. Cover with a lid for 2 minutes, then remove it from the stove. Spread your wings on a wide plate with warm country-style potatoes.

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