A bow tie in a hurry.


I had the need, as a member of the parent committee, URGENTLY, in 1 day, to make 15 bow ties for boys to speak at a school event.

Requirement: And bows must be ... which may be such, unusual.

As always, everything is on time and there is neither time nor what is not.

Materials and tools:

  1. Satin braid 10mm; 40mm
  2. Thread in color
  3. Lace in color or contrast
  4. Adhesive non-woven (optional)
  5. Linen gum
  6. Hook and frame adjuster.

Children's bow should be shorter, and therefore, the band 40x120 or (40x100)

Step 1

Glue interlining on the wrong side of the tape.

You can skip this step. It depends on the density of the braid and what you ultimately want to receive.

Fold the tape as in the photo. Outline the middle.

Step 2 This step can be done in two different ways.

Step 2 - Option 1

1.Mark out the middle, manually lay straight stitches and tighten them to form a bow.

It is necessary to ensure that the thread is placed equally along the edges of the product (either it comes in from both sides, or it comes out from both sides of the product). Tighten the thread tightly.

2. To form a bow. Fix the ends of the thread. You can lay a few stitches, for strength, through the entire thickness of the center of the bow.

3. Take the lace and bend it in half, get polubantik. If you put this element in the middle of the bow, then its edge should not reach the edge of the bow 5-10 mm.


A semi-banquet fixer in the middle of a bow

Step 2 - Option 2

We take a piece of lace, its length is equal to the width of the ribbon   (future bow) + the allowance for the hem on both sides and apply it clearly to the center of the future bow. The ribbon is laid out over its entire length of the future bow.

Gently sew lace from the front side, drawing the thread with small straight stitches clearly in the center of the future bow, and then, following the lace pattern, on the sides of the bow, bending the inside allowances on the wrong side.

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