A cancer patient mom has taught her daughter to adulthood since 9 months

The girl still gets up at 6 am to cook miso soup according to her mother's recipe.

This story, like most heartbreaking stories, began with a lot of love. Young people Chie and Shingo Chan began dating as students. But soon the idyll was under threat. In 2001, the girl was diagnosed with breast cancer. As Chie later admitted in her blog, then she immediately thought that her lover would leave her, because with her he would be deprived of the future. However, Shingo proved that his feelings are true, and did not leave the girl in a difficult moment.

The lovers got married and began the joint struggle for the life of Chie. After two years of therapy, the cancer retreated, but the joy was overshadowed by the fact that, according to the doctors' forecasts, now the girl could not conceive. And in 2003, the couple learned that they were expecting a child. It was a real miracle! However, this time happiness came to the family for a while.When little Hana was only 9 months old, it turned out that the cancer had returned.

Chie and little Hana
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Life for Khana

When a new round of fighting cancer began, Chie started a blog in which she spoke about her experiences and thanks to which the world learned about her tragic fate. The first record of the girl was the words that she did not want to continue to live and torment her spouse, who already went through a lot with her. She understood that she was doomed and no therapy would help. But then in the minds of the young mother there was a coup - she realized that she could not die now, because she has a little Khan who needs to be put on her feet, having taught all that is necessary in life. Chie admitted that she loves her daughter more than life, so she is ready to fight death until she realizes that the baby has become quite independent and will not be lost in this world.

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When I cook my mother's miso soup, she’s with me. Hana Chan

From the age of 5, Chie began to teach the girl to the regime, which she considered the basis of the normal functioning of the body. She also worked to instill in her the skills of survival and strengthen physical fitness. But the most important thing, according to Chie, was the training of the baby in the process of cooking.Every day, Chie and Khan got up at 6 am to cook the miso soup according to a special recipe.

Promise mom

Chie Chiang died, having taught the girl everything she knew. She was at that time only 33 years old. About how the girl lived after the departure of her mother, the world learned thanks to the fact that she continued to write a blog where she published an essay “The Promise to My Mother”. Even growing up, Hana continued to adhere to the schedule of life, which was Chie: every morning she gets up at 6 am to cook miso soup according to her mother's recipe. “When I cook miso soup, I feel happy, it seems to me that my mother is standing next to me,” she wrote in her essay.

This story has become very popular in Japan. In 2015, the full-length feature film “Miso-soup from Khana-chan” was even filmed, which was based on the tragic fate of Chie and Khani.

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