The combination of technology "Crazy Quilt" and embroidery in the stunning works of masters

We want to bring to your attention another kind of creativity in patchwork - this is a crazy quilt. Crazy is, of course, insanity, which means randomness and irregularity, at least in my understanding ... But ...

This is not only beautiful, but also useful: ALL AND ALL our hamster bins are used. This is undoubtedly a colossal work in terms of craftsmanship, and we generally keep silent about how much time is required for a small trinkets. But the result is mmmmm ... exactly exclusive!

The main thing - complete freedom for your creativity and imagination.

We would like to introduce you first to the work done in the classic version of the crazy patchwork block.

And now delims a selection of products of masters, the very highlight and favorite dessert of the main dish. Add embroidery, beads, buttons and so on. Beautiful! I present several options for handicrafts, tried to break them down by topic:

Love is inspiration and motivation for work.

Sea theme

But in the course go buttons, beads, sequins and all that is stored in case "and suddenly come in handy."

And here the author goes to ballooning

And here is the magic garden with its inhabitants

And here I present to your attention different motives. Just beautiful!

And summing up, we give a few examples of finished works by different masters.

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