A great and easy way to build shelves for any room.

Cardboard can be an excellent material for creating simple furniture. If you have a lot of boxes at your disposal after shopping, do not rush to throw them away! If there are no boxes, ask them at the nearest store. It is better not to wait for the end of the day, otherwise they may be sent for recycling. Select materials of the desired thickness and start work. If you only have thin cardboard, just glue a few pieces together.

So that the furniture made of cardboard fits well into the interior, glue over its edges with a more noble material. It can be velvet paper, oilcloth of a beautiful color or artificial leather.

Experiment with the form and make the original shelves in the form of bee honeycombs. Equilateral hexagons of cardboard will be used as the basis for such a shelf. You can build it, noting equidistant points on the circle.

Cut all the excess.The following hexagons can be cut using the first as a curve. Glue the part with colored oilcloth or other selected material. You can use glue gun or universal glue.

Make from a thick cardboard wall for the shelf. To do this, make a long strip, the length of which will be slightly equal to the length of all sides of the hexagon, and bend it in such a way that 6 identical parts are obtained. Fasten the parts with a glue gun.

Using the selected glue, hold the “honeycombs” together and attach them to the wall. You can use a glue gun or liquid nails. If you want the shelf to be securely fastened - put it on the screws. In any case, it is better not to load the structure with too heavy things.

For the nursery, you can use more bold forms. For example, a form in the form of a cloud can be made on the basis of a child’s drawing.

Shelf-cloud hide the small toys. To make the decoration look bigger, glue several identical parts together.

Cardboard detail can be pasted over or simply painted, pre-treated with a primer. You can paint the ends of the clouds, and stick the front of the film or colored paper.

By hiding things between two clouds, you can create the feeling that they are flying in the clouds!

Being adjusted, you can go to the shelves more difficult. For example, a bear cub opening its arms will be enjoyed by almost any kid.

Stock up with compasses and pencils. It is better to build a pattern on plain paper, and then transfer it to the cardboard and the material for decoration.

With such a difficult form, it will be more appropriate to use a self-adhesive film. The ends can simply paint over.

In more detail all stages of work can be viewed in the video tutorial.

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