The main symbol of Easter is the egg. Therefore, today I propose to tie such a funny egg in a crochet hat! It can be an excellent gift for relatives and friends or interior decoration for this bright holiday.

Knit egg with your own hands

Knitting egg for Easter with your own hands

For knitting, we need:

  • children's novelty yarn of pink, white, brown color;
  • hook;
  • scissors;
  • Needle;
  • sintepon;
  • 2 black beads.

In the ring amigurumi we sew 6 stb. In the new row we will fasten 6 increments. As a result, the detail will turn out from 12 loops.

Next, we start the series with 1 stbn, then increase, then 2 stbn, increase. And we repeat the same one more time. Then knit 1 stbn and again increase. So we get 17 loops.

Now knit 3 stbn, increase. Repeat 4 times and finish row 1 stbn.

Then knit 6 stbn, increase. Repeat 3 times.

In the new series we will bind 3 bar, then add.Now we make 7 stbn and increase. And once again, 7 stbn and increase. Complete row 4 stbn.

In the new row we knit 8 stbn, increase. So 3 times.

Now let's do 5 stbn, increment, 16 stbn, increase and stbn.

We continue to increase the detail. Knit 15 stbn, increase and 16 stbn.

Now we knit 4 rows in a circle without increments. Fill the workpiece with padding polyester.

Now we will narrow the detail. To do this, we make reductions.

We immediately quit, and then 15 stbn. Then again 15 stbn and a decrease.

In the new row, we link 8 stbn, then decrease. So repeat 2 more times.

We are starting a new series with 3 stbn and subtract. Next, 8 stbn and a decrease. 7 stbn, reduction and 5 stbi and decrease.

In a new row, you need to decrease every 5 steps.

In the next row we start with 2 stbn and 1 decrease. Further 3 stbn and a decrease. Then 4 stbn and low, 3 stbn, low, 2 stbn, low. Egg stuffing tightly sintepon.

In the new row we will decrease through 1 loop. And in the next row in each loop. We have an egg.

Tie the spout. In the ring of amigurum we will perform 6 stbn. In the new row, add a column. So get 9 loops. Then just link 2 rows of 9 stbn.

Put the part aside and tie the muzzle. To do this, take the white thread. Again in the ring amigurumi tie 6 stbn. Then we will increase the detail to 12 loops, making additions to each loop. Next, the addition will knit only in every second loop. And another 1 row will be done, tying up gains in every 3rd loop.

Sew the nose.

Embroidered smile with brown thread. You can embroider the tongue in pink yarn.

Sew the face to the egg with horizontal stitches. Attach 2 black beads in place of the peephole.

To decorate our Easter crafts we will make him a hat made of brown thread. Again we make the ring amigurumi and we knit it with 6 stbn.

Increase by 2 times, adding to each loop.

Now we knit 1 rows for the back walls of the loops. And then 2 rows behind both walls.

Now we will knit the front walls of the loops, adding to each loop. And 1 more row, we will tie for both walls of the loops. We will add through the loop. Sewing a hat.

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