A poorly dressed man in a cafe asked for "suspended" coffee. We were surprised when we learned that it

European countries seem attractive to us. First, the quality of life in these countries is largely ours. Secondly, these countries are known for their rich history and sights. And thirdly, the streets of European cities are striking.

Of course, all this became possible due to the peculiarities of the mentality of Europeans. However strange they may seem to us, we must give them their due. Their attitude to life and extraordinary positive amaze.

And then, with what respect and attention they treat the poor, can not but admire. After all, for them, a person remains a member of society, regardless of their financial position and level of education.


A few years ago I was sitting with a friend in a small cozy cafe not far from the famous city of Venice.

While we were enjoying the incredibly tasty Italian coffee, a man came into the cafe. At the waiter who approached him, he asked for two coffee - one for him, the second - “on the wall”.

We began to watch this scene with interest and saw that they brought him one cup of coffee, while he paid for two.

When the man came out, the bartender wrote on a piece of paper: "a cup of coffee." And hung this piece of paper on the wall.

We sat in a cafe for a long time and noticed two more men who paid for three cups of coffee and the bartender again wrote another cup of coffee and hung it on the wall next to the first one.

It was something amazing and incomprehensible to us. We ended the conversation, paid the bill and left.


A few days later we again found ourselves in this institution and enjoyed strong coffee. At this time a poorly dressed man went into a cafe, looked at the wall and sat down at the bar counter. Seated on a chair, he asked the bartender: "A cup of pendant coffee, please."

The bartender immediately poured him a cup of espresso and calmly served like any other customer, wishing good morning. The man drank coffee, thanked him and went out without paying a cent.

At this very time, the bartender removed one sheet of paper from the wall and threw it into the trash can.

We were unspeakably surprised.The respect that the poor have here and their needs has warmed our souls and made our eyes moisten.

It is very important here that a person is not forced to be humiliated, begging for something that he himself cannot acquire for one reason or another. He simply sees that here he can be served free coffee and this coffee is served, showing respect like any customer, he paid no difference for this coffee or was paid for it earlier. And the clients are richer just like that - from a good mood, without coercion, they can “hang” a cup of coffee. And the world becomes kinder and warmer.

A wonderful idea, which the Italians came up with.

So for the first time in my life I learned about "suspended coffee".

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