A recipe for beautiful hair: coffee masks with egg

You can make your hair strong, shiny and docile without widely advertised shampoos and balms. Natural, accessible to all products, often in their effectiveness are not inferior to expensive cosmetics. For example, a coffee mask with an egg is a time-tested recipe that will quickly help you to restore beauty and healthy shine to your hair. We offer you some simple recipes for home use.
hair mask with coffee and egg
Hair mask with coffee and egg will give strength and shine to dark hair
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The effectiveness of the mask in the first place depends on the correct choice of ingredients. Coffee should be natural, not soluble and not a surrogate, fine or medium ground. You can use and sleeping coffee grounds, provided that there is no sugar or milk.

Small particles of coffee beans when applied to the scalp have a delicate exfoliating and massage effect, improving blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles.

Penetrating into the hair structure, the coffee returns shine to the hair and makes their color more deep and rich. Enhance the effectiveness of coffee will help egg yolk - a source of amino acids and vitamins.

Important: masks on the basis of coffee are suitable only for owners of dark hair. On blond hair, especially dyed or discolored, such a tool is better not to apply - the result may be unpredictable.

coffee with egg reviews
Coffee with an egg - a time-tested recipe for hair beauty
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Egg and Coffee Mask Recipes

Make your hair shine and strength will help mask of coffee and egg yolk with brandy. In a small bowl, whip two yolks with a fork, pour in a tablespoon of brandy and mix. Add to the mixture two full tablespoons of ground coffee and mix again, so that the mass has a pasty consistency.

Apply to clean, dry hair for an hour and a half, for greater efficiency, wrapping your head with cling film and a warm towel

The hair mask with coffee, eggs and castor oil will help restore dry damaged hair. Pour a teaspoon of ground coffee with a tablespoon of boiling water, let the mixture stand for 5-7 minutes.In the resulting slurry, mix 2 yolks and a tablespoon of castor oil. Apply the mask to wet hair for 15−20 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo and plenty of warm water. At the very end, rinse the curls with cool water to give them extra shine.

Simple and affordable ingredients give an excellent result: confirm the effectiveness of the mask from coffee with an egg reviews of tens and hundreds of happy brown-haired women and brunettes. Give your hair a little care, and they will thank you with their beauty and dazzling brilliance.

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