School girl from Melbourne, whose hair can not "tame" no hairbrush

7-year-old Shila Calvert Yin from Melbourne, from Australia, has a rare congenital anomaly - uncombed hair syndrome. Because of her lush hair, a girl is often compared to Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy and Albert Einstein. Sheela herself is pleased with her unusual feature and the attention of strangers who regularly stop her with questions about her hair.

Around the world there are only about a hundred cases of this anomaly.

Sheela is very happy with her hair.

“Everyone knows me, especially at school. Students from all classes know who I am. I think my friends want such hair too, ”the girl is sure.

Schoolgirl says her hair is not as boring as everyone else.

Parents learned about the rare anomaly of the daughter nine months ago, when the doctor told them the results of the examination

Mutations in the PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH genes lead to the syndrome of uncashable hair. The core of such hair in cross section is not elliptical, but triangular.

Fortunately, unbalanced hair syndrome does not affect human health.

Sheila demonstrates her lush head of hair on her Instagram page

The girl is already trying herself as a model. “Sheela was accustomed to universal attention and even began to use it to her advantage. Therefore, we decided that a model career is what is needed for her unique appearance, and she also has the appropriate character and attitude, ”said Celeste, 36, the mother of a schoolgirl.

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