A simple driver for a powerful LED

Benefits LM317

  • Voltage stabilization range from 1.7 (including the LED voltage - 3 V) to 37 V. Excellent performance, for motorists: the brightness will not float at any speed;
  • Output current up to 1.5 you can connect several high-power LEDs; The stabilizer has a built-in system for protection against overheating and short-circuiting.
  • The negative power supply of the LED in the switching circuit is taken from the power source, therefore, when attached to the car body, the number of wiring is reduced, and the body can play the role of a large heat sink for the LED.
  • Driver circuit for high power LED

    Simple driver for a powerful LED
    I will connect a 3 watt LED. As a result, we will need to calculate the resistance for our LED. The 1 W LED consumes 350 mA, and the 3 watt LED consumes 700 mA (can be viewed in datasheet).The LM317 chip has a stabilizer reference voltage of 1.25, which is a constant number. It needs to be divided by current and the resistance of the resistor is obtained. That is: 1.25 / 0.7 = 1.78 ohms. The current is taken in amperes. We choose the nearest resistance resistor, as there are no resistance resistors of 1.78. Take 1.8 and collect the circuit. If the power of your LED exceeds 1 W, then the microchip must be installed on the radiator. In general, LM317 is designed for current up to 1.5. You can power our circuit from 3 to 37 volts. Agree, a solid range of power is obtained. But the greater the voltage, the more the microcircuit heats up, consider this.
    Simple driver for high-power LED
    Simple driver for high-power LED
    Simple driver for high-power LED
    Simple driver for a powerful LED
    In the circuit you can include not one powerful LED, but, say, two or three. That is, this circuit can power up to 10 powerful LEDs.

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