A simple mini do-it-yourself air conditioner

If you have been thinking about buying an air conditioner for a long time, but are not ready to spend a large amount on this purchase, the master class will be especially useful for you. Homemade conditioner, made by hand, will create a cool home at any time of the year. The construction of this invention will require a minimum of experience, time and money.
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself

The advantages of mini air conditioner:

  • Low cost (500-1000 rubles). Compared to the equipment offered by manufacturers, home air conditioner is cheaper at least 20 times and does not require subsequent additional investments.
  • Production speed (1.5-2 hours). If you really wanted to get an air conditioner today, in the best case, manufacturers will bring and install it in a few hours, while you can make it as a self-made air conditioner faster.
  • Availability of consumables.You will find most of the materials and tools for the air conditioner at home, the rest you will find at the construction market or department store.
  • Low energy consumption. Experts estimated that the air conditioner without an energy-saving system works 450 hours per year, and this is 1000 rubles. A little, but homemade air conditioning will cost even less.
  • Ability to move to any place in the apartment. Homemade air conditioning is lightweight, so you can rearrange it from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the hall, and periodically change its location.
  • Security. The air flow from the homemade air conditioner is not so powerful, so it’s impossible to forgive under it. This guarantees safety for you and your children.
  • Computer cooler - 2 pcs.
  • Large-size plastic or cardboard box - 1 pc
  • Pipeline - 2 pcs
  • Power Supply (12 W) - 1 piece
  • Plastic bottles cut in half - 2-4 pieces
Simple mini air conditioning with your own hands
Additional tools:
  • Knife
  • Superglue.
  • Silicone adhesive.
  • Insulating tape.
The manufacture of the air conditioner should begin with the connection of the power supply unit and the computer cooler .At first glance, the coolers can cool the inside of the computer and their power is not enough to provide a similar effect for the whole room. In fact, the powerful air circulation that occurs inside the box creates a strong flow that instantly spreads across the entire area. If the connection is made correctly, the coolers will work immediately after they are connected to the outlet.
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
Insert the cooler into the cut-out hole and fix with silicone glue to avoid air escaping through the slots. If you chose a plastic box for making an air conditioner, you will have to sweat over the hole cutting: put a cooler on top and circle it with a handle, and then strictly follow the marks with a knife or scissors. It will be easier if you make a mark with a thin drill on the plastic, and then you start to cut out by marks.
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
With the help of long screws, fasten the second cooler to the first one. Instead of two small coolers, you can use one powerful.The power of the cooler directly depends on the degree of cooling.
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
Remove the cover and engage in the eruption of the hole for the branch pipe. The construction should be fixed with silicone glue.
A simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
Put on the second pipe that will direct the air flow. It should not be fixed with glue, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to twist it and direct the air. You can make two holes for the pipe so that the air spreads faster around the room.
A simple mini air conditioner with your own hands
Put on the lid and make sure that the air entering the box exits the box only through a pipe. If small cracks are noticeable, they should be sealed with silicone glue
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
Now it is up to you to get a few ice blanks out of the freezer compartment. The ice placed in 1.5-liter bottles will melt in an hour and a half after the air conditioner starts working, so try to freeze the water in advance. The more ice - the more powerful and cooler the flow of air.An air conditioner works well without an ice blanks, but then you will get an analog fan.
A simple mini air conditioner with your own hands
If you could not find a suitable plastic box, you can make it from thick paper. A cardboard box is not inferior to a plastic one in terms of quality, although it looks less attractive. The situation can be corrected if you glue the old cardboard film. Ice, which rapidly evaporates inside the box, will soon cause the cardboard to become unusable, so you will have a cardboard box for a maximum of one season. For convenience, insert the ice blanks into a plastic basin so as not to damage the cardboard.
Simple mini air conditioner do it yourself
You have the right to change the number of coolers or pipes, the shape of the box. The main thing that you will get is a convenient and practical design that can cool a small room and become an excellent alternative to a fan or an expensive air conditioner.

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