Simple plasma ball of a light bulb

Many have heard about the plasma ball, but not everyone wants to spend money to buy it. Hams know that you can make it yourself. Alas, but for beginner radio amateurs the schemes on the Internet are rather complicated and incomprehensible. This article will help make the plasma ball even to those who hold the soldering iron for the second time in their life. But first I advise you to familiarize yourself with the safety technique presented in the article Jacob’s ladder. So, let's proceed to manufacturing. We will need the following details:
  • VT1 - GT806D,
  • VT2 - KT805AM,
  • R1 - 1 kOhm,
  • C2 - 0.02 μF (import marking: 203),
  • Tr2: TVS-70P2 line transformer.
All details, except for VT1, can be found in the old tube TV. VT2 needs a good heat sink!
 Simple Plasma Ball
Often, beginning radio amateurs have difficulty in obtaining this or that voltage, this problem is solved here. The supply voltage of the circuit varies over a wide range: 9 volt-30 volt,1-2 amps. Here are three transformers:  Simple plasma ball
The most suitable of them is the first one. The second one can also be used, but the discharges will be different, but the third transformer is generally not recommended. You can rectify the current only with such diodes:  Simple plasma ball This is D242D (VD1-VD4). The scheme of the plasma ball itself looks like this:
Simple Plasma Ball
As you can see, the scheme involves a minimum number of parts, which is especially important for beginners to radio amateurs, the scheme can be assembled by mounting, which is very pleasing. And this is how the assembled scheme looks:  Simple plasma ball It is important that the line transformer must be connected correctly! We connect the collector of VT2 to the 4th contact. We connect the emitter of VT1 to the 6th contact. Caution, when you turn on the 7th contact, a high voltage of high frequency is formed.  Simple plasma ball When everything is ready, turn on the transformer in the network.Sparks appear on the 7th contact of iron objects, you can experiment with them.  Simple Plasma Ball  Simple plasma ball Now you need to find here such patron.
Simple plasma ball
And a suitable lamp, solder To the 7th contact of the wire, departing from the cartridge. Screw the lamp into the cartridge and put it in a vertical position.
 Simple Plasma Ball
That's it! The plasma ball is ready. Turn on the plasma ball, turn off the light and enjoy the discharges.
 Simple Plasma Ball
 Simple Plasma Ball
 Simple plasma ball
 Simple plasma ball
When the plasma ball is included, not to go to the line transformer hands! Risk of burns!

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